Tuesday, May 20, 2008

WHR-article section

hi friends,

The first you got to do after starting a website is to apply for webhosting.Well, what's that webhosting?.Webhosting is nothing but placing your site on the internet with a valid domain name. There are many service providers offering webhosting but not many offer genuine services.It's quite important to find a right webhost service provider for your site.Only then I stumbled across this site-'webhostingrating' dot com which offers comparisons between various service providers that enables you to find the right one depending on your needs.The services are either free or it comes with some nominal amount.
It's worth mentioning that they have started an article section also.one such article is cPanel Tutorials which i have found interesting and felt like recommending it ti others.This particular article throws light on what's cpanel,how it helps in managing your website,add ons available for cpanel,how it integrates with other servers,and the system requirements for cpanel.Im sure this tutorial will go a long way in helping you to understand the benefits of cpanel.There are lot many useful articles you can find at the articles section.so friends check this out.