Sunday, May 4, 2008

Nicole set to portray pop star Dusty in next biopic

Nicole Kidman will play Dusty Springfield in a forthcoming biopic. The Oscar-winning Australian actress will play the 60s pop icon in the movie which will document Dusty’s troubled life, which included problems with drugs and alcohol, and mental health issues. The Son of a Preacher Man singer was also secretly bisexual in a time when it was taboo. Michael Cunningham, writer of The Hours, for which Kidman won her Oscar, is working on the screenplay for the film, and has vowed not to shy away from the controversial aspects of Dusty’s life.

Cunningham said, "Dusty was a great artiste, who no one knew what to do with. But she is clearly going into history with the Beatles and the Rolling Stones." Dusty, whose hits include You Don’t Have to Say You Love Me and I Only Want to Be With You, died in 1999, aged 59, after losing her battle against breast cancer.