Friday, May 9, 2008

Web directory

hi friends,
The first step that one takes in popularising his site or blog is to register it in a web directory and categorising it according to the contents so as to make in need of those contents end up visiting the site.In this age of internet marketing it's has become immensely important to register your site so as to attract new customers.If you are in need of a perfect directory to advertise your sites,i have got soem happy news.When i was looking for a free web directory to register my blog ,i came across this site-'.dirmania'
Dirmania is a free web directory where you can find your website being listed not later than 24 hours from the moment you register.Also you need to make sure that you abide by their conditions.Another feature is that this directory is uer friendly and naturally your site's traffic will be increased provided you give appropriate topics and explanations.Also this site provides instant information about many sites-be it small or it makes your search a lot simpler.friends,check this directory and make use of it.