Saturday, May 10, 2008

New websites

hi friends,
Here comes two interesting websites from mediaonline-financialaddict and vehicleaddcit dot com.If you are really interested to know about
Financial News & Reviews
then financialaddict dot com site provides you with all those news like accounting,banking,loans,mortgages,finances,insurances,taxes etc.There are also various articles published every now and then ,to help you keep in touch with the latest financial happenings.Also you can become an author by registering with them amd you can publish your own articles.

Want to know more about vehicles?check this site which provides vehicle informations like how to track a vehicle,vehicle history report,new vehicles,hybrid vehicles has a similar look and feel, as that of financialaddict dot com but content is given to… yes, you guessed it, vehicles; gas mileage, alternative fuels, buying a used automobile, etc.
so friends,if you are interested in these two topics,do check this will find it interesting.