Thursday, May 15, 2008

Christy sports

hi friends,

I love snow boarding and i tried it a couple of months back when i was spending my vacation .How wonderful the experience was!When i say so it not only thrills but also equally good for your health as it exercises every part in your body.One can realise this from the ache that one's supposed to get when he tries it for the first time.
The next time i try snowboard i have planned to get my own snowboard.sounds good,isn't?.just then i was searching for some good products i came across this-christysports dot com.They are in this field ever since 1958 and they sell many ski products and furnitures.Im planning to buy Burton snowboards they sell.They are really cool .Mens Freestyle boards start at little more than $200 and i don't mind spending as i love this sport a can or rent products friends,check this site and get your snowboards.