Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Nouveau Riche

The Nouveau Riche is just a saying that in French means the New Rich. Nouveau Riche has meaning means “new money”, refer to people who acquired wealth within his or her generation. So you can be a Nouveau riche if you work hard enough and that is the main purpose of people in this generation to stand on their own feet proudly and make every cent by himself or herself.And it refers to people that worked hard enough to get rich in his generation, not like an inheritance or something because that could have been passed down to you by your parents, grand parents, great grand parents, and etcetera.

There is a great article in the CNN Website that tells you about the Nouveau Riche magazine that tells you about some of the investment opportunities one can take in order to be successful in life and along with the risk they have to take. It also includes how much you can expect to invest so if it is out of your reach, stay away because you do not want to pay the consequences later on, trust me, many people have been hurt by that.

Monday, June 23, 2008

Classiq ringtones

Cell phones will rule the world soon. There wouldn’t be a single person without a cell phone in the next few years. Cellphones have become ubiquitous these days. Far from being the expensive device for business elites, mobile phones are used by a lot of people with differing characteristics. At present, these devices are considered the most convenient form of communication as the cost of acquiring a unit has significantly dropped in recent years. Newer generation of cellphones are packed with power comparable to computers and allows the installation of applications that additionally enhance its features. Now people can send and receive emails, watch movies, and connect to the internet while on the run. Cellphone ringtone has its role to play. Cellphone music could give a pleasing effect and it is important to have ringtone that blends with your mood and ambiance. This is primarily what Ringtones Factory is all about. The website contains a bunch of different cell phone ringtones inspired by pop, classic, jazz, and rock songs. These are inspired by almost any song one can possibly think of. And the good news is, they are available for easy download anytime. So what are you waiting for? Click on their website and start downloading free ringtones. So check http://www.ringtonesfactory.com/.

poker online

You must be well familiar that poker strategy is the most important aspect that determines the poker game outcome. Even the smallest amount of poker skills or strategy will surely give you an advantage over the other player without any poker strategy. You should however know that almost every player in the poker room uses some type of poker strategy. However you will also find out that you will never finish learning poker strategies. You will be learning new and latest poker strategies, you might also forget some old strategies and might also change your opinion on a specific poker game as long as you are playing poker. This would only be when you just plan to win every poker game and put into practice every poker strategy. However it is also not important that you should learn every possible poker strategy in order to win at the table. When you just learn a little more about poker and its strategies you will easily be able to overcome your opponent. As learning poker strategie is the most important thing to win at a poker table you can just visit PokerStrategy.com to begin learning poker strategies as there are also several free learning methods available with the website.

Thursday, June 19, 2008

Fine Gambling

Have you ever gambled in your whole life? I'm sure you must have had, even if it didn't involve money. I know I have, with most of the decisions that I have had to make, and that's how I have arrived at where I am today. Some gambling decisions I could have changed for the better, but at that time I didn't know any better. I mean, I wasn't sure of the result, and it wasn't really what I expected. But still, those decisions made a much stronger person and I guess that that's the best part. :)

However, gambling doesn't have to be totally "intuitive" these days, like poker. It helps that you have a strategy, too. It's a good thing there are sites right now that offer tips and link sites to reliable Online Poker Rooms, like pokermanager.com. The site is not only for newbies like me, but also for other players, from intermediate to advanced players. What I like best about the site, though, is their step-by-step guide to playing online poker, and it is really quite informative! If you're a newbie like me, and wants to know the basics, then you should read their guide, too! So go ahead, check them out! Do visit http://www.pokermonger.com/

Custom T shirts

When it comes to gift giving, whether it’s Father’s day gift or a family gift idea, some people do prefer to give something different. Customized gift ideas are unique as they are ‘original’, meaningful and requires certain efforts from the giver.

Perhaps you would like to design your own Custom T Shirts for father’s day. Then again, if you aren’t a designer, you may not even know how to get started. For a start, you may want to head down to SonicShack.com, a place where you can design your own custom T Shirts, jackets, ladies’ apparel and jerseys with the user-friendly features on the site. To make your father’s day gifts more personal, you can upload your own illustration, graphic symbol or photo online. That’s not all. You can add your personal message, choose from the wide range of colours, fonts and edit it to your liking with the simple steps using the online features. These t-shirts are also fantastic for corporate events or functions. Simply add your corporate logo and you don’t need to pay a designer for the job. The apparel are produced via digital printing technology which will last a long time with care. At SonicShack, you can also email your design to your friends, share it with them and get their opinions. Visit http://www.sonicshack.com now

Art storage

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Saturday, June 14, 2008

Online casino

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Dating expert

Meeting new people, Starting a new friendships and starting a realtionships, are the most important things in everyone social life, We can't live alone, and we have to think everyday to surround us by people who love us and care about us , be assured that this will help you in many ways to have a healthy life, You will love such a life where every one is asking about you to check you out.

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Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Gamble Craft

I am very much interested in blogging about the online casinos as I told you already and one such casino which I am interested in is the gamblecraft which is an Online Casino. I have written about casinos a number of times and here I'm doing it again. The intention behind this post is not to make people fear online casinos but to help them find a safe and a secure way to gamble online. While you are surfing you might come across a number of sites that promise you just anything like huge sign up bonuses ( to avail these all you have to do is just register with the site and the site pays you money for just choosing it as your online medium) . Just don't get carried away by these huge sums because unless they are paid they are just promises made in thin air. Even I can put up a banner where I can promise all my readers a regular pay but the whole idea is keeping up promises. How many sites do you think really care for people after all a customer is just a source of income but in this case if not you there are million others who are willing to to risk everything just to cash in huge payments. Many might feel I'm being too negative but this is the ultimate reality.One easy way is to use casino directories that at least for their own reputation try to provide a more realistic view of the matter by listing out the best casinos and also help you in earning money the safe and secure way. http://www.gamblecraft.com/

Thursday, June 5, 2008

Harman is a very promising actor

Amrita Rao’s last release, My Name Is Anthony Gonsalves, couldn’t set the box office on fire. However, that does not hamper Amrita’s excitement for her next release. “I am doing Shyam Benegal’s Mahadev Ka Sajjanpur, which also stars Shreyas Talpade. I play a village belle in the film. It was quite a challenge to play this character, as we had to speak a particular North Indian dialect. We had to do a lot of research for our costumes, as we wanted it to look very authentic. It was quite a novel experience,” says Amrita. The actress has always portrayed a sweet and innocent girl on screen, but is open to experimenting with her looks and roles now.

“I am looking forward to enacting different kinds of roles now, even negative ones. I believe one must experiment and better their performance. I am very happy with the roles I have done but I am open to playing all kinds of characters,” she explains. Amrita, like many of her contemporaries, has also shed her inhibitions and is sporting a glam look of late. “The glamorous look is just for my film ShortKut, that’s all. I am a very simple person in real life. I am the typical girl next door. I am working on Ajit Paul’s Victory, which stars Harman Baweja. He is a very promising actor. He has a lot of potential and I am sure he is going to be among the top three very soon. He is going to go a long way after Victory,” she says.

Online casino directory

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BJ Stats

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Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Kapil's 175 is the best ODI knock: Gavaskar

Batting legend Sunil Gavaskar on Tuesday described Kapil Dev's unbeaten 175-run knock against Zimbabwe during India's successful 1983 World Cup campaign as the "best One-day innings" ever.

Gavaskar recalled that it was a match that India had to win to enter the semi-final.

"When you had lost half of your side with less than 20 runs on the board, obviously it was not looking good. But this gentleman (Kapil Dev) went out and played his innings...best innings I had seen in limited overs international.

"That 175 has to be in my view the greatest knock in the World Cup," Gavaskar said while speaking at a media meet, arranged by the UB Group.

The UB Group would host a gala dinner for the 1983 World Cup winning team in London on June 25 to mark the 25th anniversary of the historic triumph.

Kapil Dev said captaining the 1983 side was not difficult as everybody was playing well at the time.

He said even after he took that famous catch of Vivian Richards off Madan Lal, the final match was still open as Clive Lloyd was still at the crease.

"Lloyd was the most dangerous player", Kapil Dev said.

But Gavaskar insisted it was that catch indeed which took India to the last-four stage of the elite event.

"Kapil's 175 got us into semi-final...that catch (Richards) got us the final."

Members of the 1983 World Cup team, Roger Binny and Syed Kirmani, also shared their experience.

BCCI Secretary Niranjan Shah said the Board would hold a special event in Delhi on June 22 to felicitate the players of the 1983 team.

UB Group officials said the the entire 1983 World Cup winning team would be touring the Lord's on June 25.

Kapil Dev and Gavaskar also presented a special cricket bat signed by World Cup winning team. The bat would be encrusted with diamonds and auctioned by the UB Group in association with auction house e-bay.

The proceeds of the auction would go to the members of the 1983 team, officials said.

Black gammon

Hi friends,

If you are interested in playing poker or blackjack i have found an amazing site.backgammon is a site where thousands of players play online.BackgammonMasters.com, owned and operated by JD Lucky Skill Ltd.You will find a lot of informations and rules on how to play blackgammon.Their services are excellent that has earned them many customers throughout the world.They have support staffs 24*7 helping you to play the game with ease.Also i like their privacy policy that helps in keeping certain user's information secret.With high class graphics and a super software they have been so good all these years.
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BackgammonMasters raised the ante by offering to match $5 on every $1 in the spirit of good will efforts made by companies such as PokerStars who offered to match dollar for dollar. “It doesn’t really matter how much is invested in the donation, as long as companies are doing what they can to help, and to raise awareness. We feel that it is important to encourage charitable gaming and to make this type of community outreach in the online casino world a common occurrence. Some people may be surprised that we are doing this but we’ve always known that casino owners and players have huge hearts and pockets”, said BackgammonMasters CEO.”
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Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Slain king's ghost still haunts Nepal

Seven years after his shocking murder in the tightly guarded royal palace, the ghost of King Birendra continues to haunt Nepal with the new republic Sunday remembering the dark deed as the trigger that ended the nearly 240-year-old royal dynasty.

On June 1, 2001, the then King Birendra, who had survived a pro-democracy uprising in 1990 by pragmatically agreeing to revoke the ban on political parties and become a constitutional monarch without real powers, was gunned down during a banquet with his family and friends in the Narayanhity royal palace.

His son and heir, the then crown prince Dipendra, was regarded as having pulled the trigger, also killing his mother, queen Aishwarya, and seven other members of the family before turning the gun on himself in a fit of drink and drug-aggravated rage.

Three days after the national tragedy, that tarnished Nepal's image and dealt a severe blow to the economy, the slain king's younger brother Gyanendra was proclaimed king.

Within a year of his ascension, the new king began controlling the government, purportedly in a bid to check the escalating Maoist insurgency and in 2005, seized absolute power with the backing of the army.

The king's 14-month royal government fuelled another national uprising that saw the omnipotent monarch shorn of his power and on Wednesday, stripped of his crown as well with newly elected lawmakers formally abolishing Nepal's 239-year-old institution of monarchy.

On Sunday, the dark cloud that had begun descending on Nepal's once revered royal family spread with the palace, once out of bounds for the public or even government officials, opening to an inspection by a high-level delegation of bureaucrats.

Headed by defence secretary Umesh Chandra Mainali, the committee entrusted with the safekeeping of the palace inspected it Sunday morning and held talks with the palace secretariat.

The palace security officials had been summoned by the government Saturday to discuss the future of the nearly 2,000 soldiers deployed in the palace with the Central Security Council.

There was speculation that the former royal family, who were stripped of all their titles and last remaining privileges by the historic first meeting of the newly elected constituent assembly Wednesday, could leave the palace of their ancestors Sunday and hand it over to the government to be turned into a national museum.

Ironically, Wednesday's meet to abolish the crown was held in the capital's biggest convention centre built during King Birendra's time and named the Birendra International Convention Centre after him.

However, after King Gyanendra's experiment to rule the country failed and the royal family became the subject of public dislike, the centre dropped the dead king's name from that of the International Convention Centre.

In the past, Nepal's national tragedy used to be mourned with memorial meets held in honour of the slain royals.

On Sunday however, there was little mention of the assassinated king.

Instead, Nepal continued celebrating its transformation from a Hindu kingdom into a secular, federal republic.

Radio Disney concert

Hi friends,

Our family members were planning for a vacation as we all strongly believe in spending time together and there's no better place to visit than Newjersey.When you plan on a New Jersey vacation,i got to tell you its not incomplete without Radio disney concert.Especially if you are a disney fan it can't get better than this.I learned today that Radio Disney is going to be offering a concert series in Wildwood during the month of July. The concerts will be free and will take place twice a day at 1pm and 4pm next to the Giant Ferris Wheel on Morey’s Mariner’s Landing pier.Wildwood itself is an excellent place to visit.For it has got some of the wonderful beaches and water parks.
The Wildwood events are
July 7 - A Cursive Memory
July 14 - Jordan Pruitt
July 21 - Drew Seeley
The ticket holders are bound to enjoy some discounts through july 27.Its really importamt that you book your tickets and hotel rooms in advance to escape from the last minute disappointments. I have heard that Morey’s Piers is a wonderful site for summer vacation plans and the concert series sounds like a lot of fun. What a perfect opportunity to plan a family vacatioIt should also be noted that tickets for the concert are free and these tickets can get them upto 10 percent discount in waterpark tickets.So friends,if you have planned for a vacation already,check this site for more details.

Obama clinches Democratic Presidential nomination

Senator Barack Obama of Illinois sealed the Democratic Presidential nomination on Tuesday, a historic step toward his once-improbable goal of becoming the nation's first black President. A vanquished Hillary Rodham Clinton maneuvered for the vice presidential spot on his fall ticket.

Obama's victory set up a five-month campaign with Republican Senator John McCain of Arizona, a race between a 46-year-old opponent of the Iraq War and a 71-year-old former Vietnam prisoner of war and staunch supporter of the current US military mission.

Both men promptly exchanged criticism over the war in Iraq and sought to claim the mantle of change in a country plainly tired of the status quo.

''It's not change when John McCain decided to stand with George Bush 95 percent of the time, as he did in the Senate last year,'' Obama said in remarks prepared for delivery in St Paul, Minn.

''It's not change when he offers four more years of Bush economic policies that have failed to create well-paying jobs. And it's not change when he promises to continue a policy in Iraq that asks everything of our brave young men and women in uniform and nothing of Iraqi politicians.'' In a symbolic move, he spoke in the same hall where McCain will accept the Republican nomination at his party's convention in September.

McCain spoke first, in New Orleans, and he accused his younger rival of voting ''to deny funds to the soldiers who have done a brilliant and brave job'' in Iraq. It was a reference to 2007 legislation to pay for the Iraq war, a measure Obama opposed citing the lack of a timetable for withdrawing troops.

McCain agreed with Obama that the presidential race would focus on change. ''But the choice is between the right change and the wrong change, between going forward and going backward,'' he added.

One campaign began as another was ending.

On the final night of the primary season, Clinton won South Dakota, leaving Montana yet to be settled.

The former first lady praised her rival, whom she said, ''has inspired so many Americans to care about politics and empowered so many more to get involved. And our party and our democracy is stronger and more vibrant as a result.''

''I am committed to uniting our party so we move forward stronger and more ready than ever to take back the White House in November,'' she said in a final-night rally in New York.

Only 31 delegates were at stake, the final few among the thousands that once drew Obama, Clinton and six other Democratic candidates into the campaign to replace Bush and become the nation's 44th president.

Motherhood made Parker give up heels

Sarah Jessica Parker says motherhood has made it difficult for her to wear high heels. The Sex and the City’ actress, who reprises her role as Carrie Bradshaw in the big screen adaptation of the hit US TV show, shares Carrie’s love of designer shoes, but has had to curb her addiction since giving birth to son James Wilkie in 2002.

She said, "I like shoes very much, but not to the same degree as Carrie. As a working mother high heels don’t really fit into my life any more, but in a totally wonderful way. I would much rather think about my son than myself. He is going through a crazy clothes phase at the moment. It is wonderful, it’s great." The 43-year-old star also admits she can’t separate herself from her the character of Carrie.

Parker, who is married to actor Matthew Broderick, said, "I feel she is a far more modern woman than I am. I’m more traditional and have been married for a long time whereas she is more single in the conventional sense, as in she is not married. My single life was a lot less colourful. I love her so much, it’s not clear where she ends and I begin. I don’t always agree with her, but I love her."

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Debt Consolidation Loan

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Online Casinos

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Monday, June 2, 2008

Rajasthan Royals are IPL 2008 champs

Yusuf Pathan's phenomenal all-round act helped Rajasthan Royals win the Indian Premier League 2008 in a thrilling last-ball finish against Chennai Super Kings.

After an absorbing 44-day period, the outcome of the tournament was fittingly decided off the last possible ball, as Rajasthan chased 164. You couldn't chose between two teams in a last-ball finish. MS Dhoni had had a phenomenal run in these last over finishes but his luck ran out on Sunday night at Navi Mumbai's DY Patil Stadium.

Business lessons from Rajasthan Royals

Indian Premier League champions Rajasthan Royals not only made a mockery of their underdog tag, but also showed that money prowess alone cannot ensure success in sports.

The Emerging Media Group, who owns Rajasthan Royals, was the lowest bidder and paid $65 million to become the least expensive franchise in the eight-team IPL. It also bought the least expensive players during the IPL auction but it fetched them handsome dividends.

Mukesh Ambani's Reliance Industries were the most expensive franchise, paying a whopping $111.9 million for the Mumbai Indians while liquor baron Vijay Mallya was the second highest owner coughing up $111.6 million for Bangalore Royal Challengers.

When the Ambanis, Mallyas, and other franchise owners were outbidding one another to grab the world's best cricketers in the mega IPL auction on Februray 18, Emerging Media was silently picking Shane Warne, Yusuf Pathan, Graeme Smith and Munaf Patel. They were mocked and critics wondered whether there was any logic in its team selection.

The Royals' purchases were so low-key in the first auction that they failed to meet the minimum bidding criteria of $3.3 million and got penalised by the IPL management. Emerging Media's argument was it was eyeing only specific players.

The second auction saw Royals empty their purse getting the likes of Shane Watson and Sohail Tanvir and a bunch of young players who went on to become the nucleus of the team. In the end, they turned out to be smart buyers.

The team did not have a designated icon player which saved a lot of money for the franchisee. The Rajasthan Royals' biggest catch was Mohammad Kaif, for $675,000. They cleverly got a shrewd captain-cum-coach in Shane Warne for a mere $450,000.

Shane Watson, the most valuable player of the tournament, came at an astonishingly low $125,000. Tournament's highest wicket-taker Tanvir was bought for just $100,000. Graeme Smith and Yusuf Pathan cost $475,000 each.

Rajasthan Royals also stayed away from the glitz and glamour and focussed on the game.

Every franchise owner scampered to sign up film stars as the team's brand ambassador. Shah Rukh Khan splashed money all around to produce an album, and invite who's who of Bollywood to watch his Kolkata Knight Riders' matches. It was one big party for Knight Riders every night with the war cry of "Korbo, Lorbo, Jitbo", catching the passion of cricket-crazy Kolkatans. Then, he showered gifts on his players and guests after every match.

Mallya had glamarous Katrina Kaif to show up for Royal Challengers while Priety Zinta jumped and clapped like an excited teenager at every match of her franchise Kings XI Punjab.

Gladiator Akshay Kumar was there to pep up the Delhi Daredevils as their brand ambassador. Chennai Super Kings had a star and starlet to promote their glamour quotient, but soon parted ways with the starlet.

Rajasthan Royals had none of it, they went about their business quietly and accomplished their mission with little fuss.

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Anand errs in Leon chess final

Indian Grandmaster Viswanathan Anand paid for costly blunders at crucial junctures to lose a closely-fought final and relinquish the Magistral Ciudad De Leon chess crown to Vassily Ivanchuk.

Ukrainian Grandmaster Ivanchuk, fresh from his triumph in the MTel Masters, scored a 2.51.5 victory to deny the Indian his eighth title.

The first game set the tone of the match as Ivanchuk took the lead over the world champion with the black pieces.

Anand launched a kingside attack against the Taimanov variation of Sicilian defence, but could not make much headway as Ivanchuk created sufficient counter play on the queen side.

The Indian drifted into a disadvantageous position as Ivanchuk's heavy pieces penetrated down the queenside. The game came to a rather abrupt end when Anand made a serious miscalculation on the 38th move which cost him a piece and brought about his immediate resignation.

Anand bounced back in the second game with a thumping victory in 26 moves from the black side of the Sicilian defence. Ivanchuk adopted a positional approach against the Sicilian Najdorf and Anand neutralised it easily with skillful play.

Ivanchuk was left without a concrete plan and lost an exchange in his attempt to stir up some activity for his pieces. Anand consolidated his advantage and Ivanchuk resigned in a hopeless middlegame position.


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No plan to fire Lawson for Akram: PCB

Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) has rubbished reports that it is planning to replace national coach Geoff Lawson with former skipper Wasim Akram, clarifying that Akram has merely been offered the job of bowling coach.

"Yes, we have made an open coaching offer to Wasim to be the bowling coach but this does not mean Lawson is being fired. This is rubbish," PCB chairman Nasim Ashraf said at the conclusion of the specialised fast bowlers camp supervised by Akram in Lahore on Sunday.

The media has speculated that the board is not satisfied with Lawson's performance and will sooner or later replace him with Akram, a popular figure in Pakistan cricket.

But Ashraf insisted that only Akram's bowling expertise had been sought and he has not been offered the national team coach's job.

"We want to utilise his expertise as a fast bowler and that is why we have been trying to have him hold these specialised camps that have produced good results for us," Ashraf said.

Lawson returns today after a long vacation. He will sit down with captain Shoaib Malik and the selectors today to finalise the touring squad for the triangular one-day series in Bangladesh from June 8.