Thursday, May 29, 2008

Cash tomato

Hi friends,
Cah tomato is a newwebsite offering some best videos to the viewers.The videos are of high quality and you can find any kind of videos -be it old or latest.You can also upload your own videos and let others watch it.Essentially it's a video sharing community like youtube where in you can upload as well as watch the videos of others.All you got to do is to signup and start video -sharing.You can also embed your videos in your site and ask your friends to view,The user with most ratings will get prizes.
Another interesting aspect of this site is the prize they offer to its users.They give away thousands of money as prizes.All its registered users are eligible to getfree money.They will be visiting cities and their workers will be distributing tomatoes wrapped in cash to its users.This scheme is popular and already it has received tremendous response from its users who gather in large numbers eagerly.So friends,check this site ,sign up you will not only be eligible to watch some cool videos but also yiu will be eligible to win some hot cash.