Tuesday, May 13, 2008

seascape lamps

hi friends,

Lamps were originally designed to illume the places and help those in darkness.however over the years lamps were also used to decorate the houses ,restaurants and other places .
This site-seascapelamps dot coms offers many kinds of lamps giving modern Lightingwhich differs from ContemporaryLighting.The lamps they offer come in many varieties ,highlty fashionable and of course in different colors and lamp shades.The business was started by the creative designer Mike Shenk in the year 1985. The ranges include from 120 to 150 innovative designs. Every year sixty designs are produced by the company.All lamps use flourescent bulbs so as to minimise power consumption.Though the lighting is very modern and retro they give you a natural feel surprisingly. The lamp shades are found in solid wooden shades also. Generally the manufacturing units of the lamps are situated in countries like California and New Jersey. All these lamps comes at decent prices.This year they have planned to release their '08 collection of ceiling lamps and portable floor and table lamps.Another feature is that you can choose the material to create your lamp.Amazing isn't?so friends check this site and book your lamps online.