Thursday, May 8, 2008

Sachin to make his Ipl debut next week

Itching to make his Indian Premier League debut after missing seven matches in a row with a groin injury, Sachin Tendulkar on Wednesday said he is hoping to be a part of the Mumbai Indians XI when they play Chennai Super Kings on May 14.

Watching his teammates fight it out against the Rajasthan Royals in tonight's IPL tie, the regular skipper of the home side said he would take to the field only if he was fully fit.

"I can tell you roughly that I'm targetting the next match," Tendulkar said.

"If I'm in the middle, I should be able to compete, for if I'm not able to compete, I'll be letting down the team," said the Mumbaikar.

Tendulkar also gave a thumbs-up to IPL, dubbing it the biggest event ever in the history of cricket, besides being a step in the right direction for globalisation of the game.

"Without a doubt (this is the biggest event in cricket's history). It has taken the game virtually to all the households in the world. If cricket is looking forward to go global, this is the format. It's a three-hour entertainment, which the entire family can watch together," he said.

Tendulkar believes tournaments like the IPL have the potential to bring in new audience.

"Earlier, people wanted to watch a match but found it difficult to devote the entire day. I think Twenty20 is also bringing families together. I mean how many times you otherwise see all the family members watching a cricket match together?"