Friday, May 9, 2008

Travel to Russia

hi friends,
Planning for a tour?Then i have got to say something about this wonderful place.Be it central or northern or eastern Russia ,each place has got something unique about it so as to enthrall you and fix your eyes .Russia has got an unique culture and care has taken all these years to preserve that culture .Russia was opened to the westerners some 300 years back and ever since the number of tourists visiting this place has increased enormously.It's a vast country and every corner has got its own history.
Though it's vast,Russia is well connected through trains and flights.Aeroflot is the official national airline, which serves the entire country along with international flights. There are also a number of other airline companies that service the country day in and day out.another aspect of Russia is that many people depend on public transport system rather using their own transportation.As a result there are numerous buses, trolleys, trolleybuses, and metro services in the cities. Few Russians speak English so it is best to have an idea of where you want to go. There are Metro maps, which are fairly easy to follow even in Russian. Russia has a train service that will cover mostly any spot in the country including the Trans Siberian Express, which runs between Moscow and Vladivostock.There is a train service from many cities in Europe including the United Kingdom. Bus services from Europe and within the country are also available.There is a limited ferry boat service to western Russia from Finland, Sweden, Norway, Germany, and Turkey.
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