Monday, May 12, 2008

Photo cards

hi friends,
Want to impress your beloved ones with a special greeting card?Goin to a shop ,browsing through various cards seems to be dilapidated idea now with the arrival photo greeting cards.I cam across this site offering different photo cards that enables you to send customise your greeting cards sitting at home.
There is no need to waste time goin to shops,come out with dissatisfaction and then compromise on a card.Photo Card Invitations are simple to customise ,you can even include photos that you like or gives more meaning to that card as photos have the power to express what a thousand word letter does.Also you can write or include anything inside and outside the card.
Let me describe how i made a simple invitation card for my brother's b'day party.I chose the custom greeting cards, and then picked out the design that I wanted.

I then uploaded the file from my computer that I wanted for the front of the invitation. The next step, I chose the custom verse. I then typed in the information for his party, and picked the color and text that I wanted.What amazing is that you can even include a company's logo or artwork with high color can print your image in color or blacn and white or sepia.They also have a lot of printed verses to choose from.I have included a sample photo card to make you feel how good it friends,check this site,customise your greeting cards and impress those special ones.