Sunday, May 25, 2008

Employment campaign

hi friends,
Finished your education for a job?or the job you are in is not enough to sustain a decent living?well friends,i have got some happy news who are ready to take up part up jobs or even they can make it as their full time job if they like it.Doing a part time job always helps you to earn that extra cash which you can use for paying fees or eliminate the need to ask pocket money from your parents.
If you have got a driver's licence and looking out for a job,Sunstar postal services offers you fulltime or part time courier job.Recently i have come across their advertisement which states'Part Time Couriers Required Now!'.Sunstar postal services is a global freight firm which offers day time ervices in US and UK.The nature of the work offered by this LA based firm is simple-all you got to do is to receive and deliver packages to their clients.You can fill the application form and submit ,attaching your resume if you are interested.Not necessarily a courier should be young and fit,a retired person who is organised still make a decent job out of it.I still remember my friend paying his house rent working as a part-time friends if you are desperate to earn extra cash,don't hesitate to check this site for more details.