Saturday, May 24, 2008


hi friends,
There are many people who suffer from back and nerve problem .these people come back home after a day's work feeling really exhausted and deprived of energy.To temporarily get out of this problem they resort to some habits like taking drugs ,alcohol etc.By doing so they often are not aware they are aggravating their problem by doing further damage to their nervous system and liver.Another section of people take painkiller pills which again produce a lot of side effects.For all these guys,i have got some happy news.
velatol is a new pain relief formula that's known to restore essential nutrients,rigid back tissues ,enhances mood,improves the fluidity of cell membranes-all required for a healthy back and nerve functions.It's a non-drug solution with no side effects associated with it.Studies have shown that the compund EPA/DHA is essential for improving morning stiffness,painful joints.Velatol is the commercially available EPA/DHA in the market today.Velatol helps you to stay active and you can start running and enjoy your exercises.They have also stated the cost of Velatol in the site.The success stories serves as a testimony for the success of friends,check this site.