Thursday, December 20, 2007

Tone up in commando style

The daredevil acts of commandos, seen in movies like Casino Royale, Commando, keep us all on tenterhooks. Ever thought of doing them yourself? Well, the French form of exercise Parkour that is fast catching up among fitness freaks throughout the world is somewhat akin to commando training.

Parkour consists of a series of maneuvers like running, jumping, rolling, crawling, climbing done in quick succession. It’s a combination of cardio and weight training exercises. You can burn enormous calories in an hour, which is 50 per cent more than what you achieve on the treadmill.

Says fitness expert Satyajit Chaurasia of Barbarian Power Gym: French parkour is more suitable for trained gymnasts and those undertaking military training. For others, the Indianised version of parkour is extremely effective in toning the entire body.

Take a break from the routine treadmill workouts and go for circuit training. It combines cardio, strength and weight training. If you practise it correctly for just 40 minutes, you can burn upto 500 calories. To achieve that, you can do some running, jogging, five minutes of cycling, followed by 50 push ups on the floor, 25-30 chin ups, free or ball squat, jump squat, 50 reps of ab crunches, 50 reps of leg raises and so on. But remember to do them one after the other without any break. After completion of the entire circuit, you can rest for about five-seven minutes.

The benefits of parkour are many. Through parkour or circuit training, the entire body gets exercised and toned. The muscle groups get strengthened and flexibility and accuracy develop. The mental ability as well as the physical skill and agility get a boost. By practicing parkour, you come to know about your physical ability, which in turn builds confidence in you.