Monday, December 10, 2007

Spears to be replaced by body double in magazine

Britney Spears is to be replaced by a body double for a nude magazine shoot as she is too “out of shape”. The 26-year-old Gimme More singer is baring all in a recreation of an iconic Marilyn Monroe photograph, but Blender magazine reportedly plan to swap her body with a more “in shape” model.

An advert placed in the magazine reads, “We are casting for a Britney Spears body double. You must have shoulder to medium length blonde hair. This person must also be in shape. This will be a take off of a Bert Stern photograph of Marilyn Monroe in bed, from the last shoot before her death. Your face will not be shown in the final photograph/cover.” The model must be aged 18 to 25 and will be paid $500 to pose either on December 14 or the 17. Meanwhile, Britney has posed for a family portrait with sons Sean Preston, two, and 14-month-old Jayden James, but the photographer has reportedly sold the pictures to the press.