Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Stop your addiction

The first step in addiction recovery is recognizing that you have a problem. Addiction has Negative effects on friends, family, school, work, and in nearly every aspect of an addict's life. The abuser will continue to use the substance despite the effect that it may have on their life. You may find that things that were once terribly important to you now take a backseat to your drug/alcohol use. You may find that your job is in jeopardy as a result of your addiction. You may feel as if you have lost total control of your life and that everything is spiraling out of control. You may think that there is no way out, but there is. Once you can admit to your addiction, your recovery process can begin. stopyouraddiction.com helps you out.

This first step is the hardest step because it is very difficult to realize what you are doing when you are addicted to alcohol or drugs. Once you realize then recovery can be gradual. This site provides you with a First Step 28-day drug rehab program to start with. This Rehab program is an alternative to 12-step programs, and offers detoxification and social education to combat drug addiction. There are five important stages in this program that the site offers you. They are:

Detoxification and Withdrawal: This is the very first stage. This includes withdrawing from the so called immediate effects of drugs. There are two methods offered for this. A medically supervised detoxification is available.

Self Control and Communication Exercises: Drugs numb a person even from essential things in life, apart from the undesirable parts. The site makes its clients pair together and give a series of exercise to increase Self Control, comfort and Communication. This is also aimed in inducing some responsibility in the clients.

Sauna Cleansing Process is to cleanse the body after the recovery from addiction. Drugs might have some after effects.

Study Improvement section helps the student learn how to get the most of their social education.

Drug Free Remedies for Discomforts offers techniques to help individuals confront and handle physical and emotional discomfort without using drugs.

These are the five stages included in the drug treatment center.

Sometimes there are people who just simply cannot control their intake of alcohol. These people are called alcoholics, and the condition that they are dealing with is alcoholism. 'Stop your addiction' offers alcoholism rehab. This will help people to come out of their clutches and lead new life.

Just log on to this site to find a new meaning for life.