Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Hema to start production unit for daughters

Hema Malini is so worried about daughter Esha Deol’s career that she is ready to start her own production house to kick start Esha’s and second daughter Ahana’s careers. “No one is able to use Esha properly. I want to produce a film where Esha will play the lead and Ahana will get into production. It’s time Ahana got a chance to prove herself behind the camera,” Hema said. “I must start a production house right now and get both our daughters involved. Even Dharamji (Dharmendra) feels it’s important for me to give them that home start,” she added.

Talk of Dharmendra and Hema’s eyes light up. “Do you know he shares a terrific rapport with Ahana? He’s very worried about what she’ll finally do. And he loves Esha so much. For the first time he typed out an SMS to send to her in South Africa when he couldn’t get through to her on the phone. I checked with Esha to make sure she got it. It was a very precious moment for us,” she said with pride. Hema said she is on the lookout for a good scriptwriter who can turn an idea she has in mind into a film starring her and Esha, “That’s my top priority now.”