Friday, December 21, 2007


India can boast for having produced several stalwarts in the game of cricket, but none better than Sachin Tendulkar and Rahul Dravid. These two batsmen are solely responsible for all the pride that Indian cricket has right now. They have single handedly won several games for our country. The two batsmen, who would make automatic entries into any all time world 11’s, have completely contrasting styles of batting. If ever God had sent his child for playing this game, then it could be none other than Sachin. He emerged as a prodigy gifted with inimitable batting prowess. He is considered as a menace by even the best of bowlers. He has amassed tons of runs and has set records which require yet another Sachin for them to be broken. His flambouyant and scintillating strokeplay is a treat to watch. He has the unique ability of punishing even the good deliveries to the boundary which makes him the most dominant batsman in world cricket. Until the arrival of Ganguly and Dravid, Indian cricket was completely shouldered by Sachin's sheer brilliance. Destructive with the bat and a mightily useful bowler who has all the tricks in his bag, Sachin is a single-handed match winner. Dravid known as THE WALL is a rock solid player with unmatched temperament, whose technique is the manual for all youngsters wishing to learn the art of batting. Dravid who was initially considered to be fit to play the longer version alone, fought hard to adapt to the shorter version and battled his way to the top. A stylish batsman with picture perfect strokeplay, he is a delight to the eyes. The duo have always been complimentary. With Sachin's slump in form due to continuous injuries, India's success in the last few years can be attributed to Dravid's consistent success with the bat. Now that the LITTLE MASTER has struck back with the bat and with Dravid at his usual best, these two lions still have a huge role to play in Indian cricket’s future.


Saranya said...

Swaminathan, you seem to be a sachin devotee. Ha ha.. What ascertained this fact are the following lines "If ever God had sent his child for playing this game, then it could be none other than Sachin." (Idhu ellam remba over da dai!!!) Think there are more stalwarts in the Indian team. True, that sachin is a wonderful player but players like Saurav Ganguly, MS Dhoni have a wonderful and excellent records. Before Ganguly and Dravid entered the team its was not only sachin.. Guess you have too study some history dude. If you say these lions have more to play in the team, where is the chance for aspiring youngsters??? Think about those guys too man.. Anyways good post. Wish sachin and dravid see this. They will be pleased and might give you half of their fortune.. ;)

swaminathan said...

dear saranya,
i ve no animosity against ganguly or dhoni. but it is an undeniable fact that they cannot match the standards taht sachin has set.dhoni is just a rising star n his abilities are currently under scrutiny in foreign conditions. u should first look at the past n see how many matches sachin has won single handedly 4 india. u r jus a rookie when it comes to cricket. better dont mess up with me when it comes to dis game ;-) ;-) ur god ganguly seems to play these days looks as thou he s determined to make india lose by scoring runs at a terrible strike rate. a balanced team must be a blend of both youngsters n the experienced 4 it to be successful. i think i ve answered all ur questions. ;-) ;-)