Sunday, December 2, 2007

Counter Strike Source Non-Steam Standalone Edition [Updated] Download links

Counter-Strike is the #1 online action game in the world. Engage in a realistic brand of counter-terrorist warfare in this popular team-based game. Take out enemy sites. Rescue hostages. Your role affects your team's success. Your team's success affects your role.
- Latest Version (including cs_assault)
- NonSteam Edition (extracted)
- Multilingual*
- AutoUpdater*
- Playable on LAN and on nonsteam servers
- Clean rip from original steam GCF files
- Steam Account/CD-Key NOT required
- Suitable for a 700 MB CD
This release is the standalone version of Counter-Strike: Source released by DigitalZone. It contains the newest Update including the newest official map release of cs_assault. We made this compilation to make installation simple and easy, especially for those people who seem to have problems installing the game & applying its updates.
- Fixed custom level sound lists under sv_pure.
- Remove friends details from player list.
- Fixed occasional scrunched-up columns in the serverbrowser.
- Memory leak fixes.
- Fixed a CS:S smoke grenade exploit
- Added a way for server plugins to ask players if they'd like to
connect to a different server
- Made materials handle sv_pure correctly when they've included other
- Fixed IVEngineServer::FadeClientVolume
- Fixed certain models showing up all white when sv_pure flushed them
- Fixed a bug preventing sv_pure CRCs from verifying correctly on
certain custom maps

Tue, 12 Jun 2007:
- Fixed servers with bots reporting incorrect number of bots when
sv_master_legacy_mode is set to 0
- Fixed a server performance problem with queued packets
- Increased the maximum rate to 1 megabyte
- Added a findflags console command, which can list all cvars with a
specified flag. For example: 'findflags server_can_execute' will find
all console variables and commands marked with FCVAR_SERVER_CAN_EXECUTE
- Cheat protected many cvars and commands
- Removed cl_restrict_server_commands to prevent clients from being
- Fixed user names reported as "unconnected" when greater than 32k
players had connected to the server
- Fixed a client crash during authentication
- Fixed a crash when mashing the ~ key on disconnect
- Fixed a bug with sv_minrate and sv_maxrate not applying properly on
the client
- Fixed the free roaming camera in SourceTV demos
- Fixed cl_language archiving itself and not updating correctly when the
language changed
- Fixed a voice recording bug that could cause voice dropouts
- Fixed a rare crash when spectating in Counter-Strike: Source
- Fixed a client crash
- Fixed sv_allow_wait_commands restricting the server using wait
- Fixed a crash in "soundlist" command
- Reallowed fps_max value of 0 (= unrestricted fps)
- Fixed exploit that showed spectator radar when not a spectator
- Fixed a crash playing back demo files recorded with the
previously-released engine
- Client forwards server commands it doesn't understand back to the
- Allow servers to execute chooseteam in Counter-Strike: Source
- Allow servers to execute retry
- sv_pure 1 now allows custom spray decals by default

This patch will update Counter-Strike: Source | Final [DiGiTALZoNE] from 17.0 to the latest version 18.0.

- Updated client files (Build 3224)
- Fixed "Startohet" backround

#This download is released by DigitalZone who specialises in releasing standalone/non-steam editions of Sierra products.
#This release DOES NOT need Steam, CDKEY, crack/keygen or anything else.
#Simple install and apply patch v18 to become playable online
#To play online, simply goto "Find Server" option on the CS:S menu and browse through your desired servers
#The servers are Cracked and should never ask you for serial/key
#Games are hosted on VAC2 servers.
#YOU MUST DOWNLOAD v18 Update...Look down..