Friday, December 28, 2007

Boat Angel

We as humans consider charity to be a noble act.Anything in excess of what, which may not be essential for our life may be donated to those who might consider it as priceless. The pathetic sight of many people on the streets in our day to day life is the force that drives us towards charity . Why is god cruel to a certain section of people? A question which god alone can answer. I hope god tunes the mind of people to whom he has been partial, so that they are driven towards charity. With great privileges, comes great responsibilities. The simplest way is to work for charity is to donate money. There are various ways by which you can donate money. BoatAngel provides you a simple way to contribute to charity boat donations. BoatAngel is a non-profit organization that collects funds which is then used for various charitable purposes, which include sponsering Children's Christian Short films that are used for social awareness. The money that is collected through
boat donations is used for the production of short films which are sold free of cost. They are available as Free DvDs. You can collect these Free DVDs from the boat angel site. Their recent project was on "Drug Abuse". These sort of organisations should be promoted . They require continues support from generous people to donate their unused boats, by donating them to Boat Angel through their associate CarAngel’s website. The proceeds will definitely help kids who are at risk. Please contribute to this charitable act by donating a boat.