Sunday, December 2, 2007

Cheaper than hotels - Spain

Everyone enjoys traveling whether it is for a business trip or for pure holidaying. Given a chance to choose a travel spot in Europe, the one that immediately comes to your mind is Spain. Spain, storied land of Don Quixote, is blessed with a delightful climate, relaxed people and a culture that makes wining and dining an art form.
.Barcelona is one of Spain's most famous and historic cities. It's home to the architecture of Antoni Gaudi. Inspired by nature, and adorned by brightly colored tiles, Gaudi's designs are world-famous. Perhaps his best known work is the La Sagrada Familia. You would be able to stay in the midst of these grand designs if you were to stay in one of the barcelona hotels.Generally, just about everywhere in Spain is pleasant from April to early November. However temperatures can drop to freezing in Madrid between December and February while in July and August the city smoulders with temperatures above 30 C.Cheaperthanhotels offers last minute accommodations at hotels, hostels and apartments year round with free extras and lowest rates guaranteed. Cheaperthanhotels can help make their destination to Spain cheaper, enjoyable and a great postcard from Spain.The sheet that spreads on your computer would guide you to make your stay in Spain more pleasurable and at the same time affordable. It gives the minutest details regarding the places of interest in Spain, about the unique features of all these places, about Spain Hotels. It also provides loads of information about the exotic alicante hotels and benidorm hotels.A visit to this site is a must before you visit Spain.