Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Celina to play Tamilian wife

Celina Jaitley plays a traditional Tamil housewife in Rohit Shetty’s Phir Golmaal — complete with a nine-yard sari, flowers in her hair and aiyyo appas to boot. She seems to have come a long way from her bikini-in-the-water avatar in Feroz Khan’s Janasheen. “I guess that’s true. For a long time, I couldn’t find my bearings in Mumbai. I was too busy sorting out my life. And the opportunities just slipped past me. I had to take what was coming my way,” Celina said. But seeing Celina draped in a sari requires a lot of imagination. “Why do you say that?” she laughed. “Trust me, at heart and in my home I’m not at all the hot siren that I’m made out to be. Getting into a sari is no big deal for me,” she said.

But the Tamil accent as she plays Shreyas Talpade’s wife in Phir Golmaal may not have been easy to master. “I can’t reveal details. But yes, watch what I’ve done in this film. People will be shocked,” she said. With Kareena Kapoor playing the lead, does Celina stand a chance of occupying decent space? “It’s not a walk-on part, I can tell you that much. And we’re both cast opposite two of the leading men in the film,” she explained. However, on location in Goa, it was Tusshar Kapoor and not any of her other co-stars that Celina bonded with.