Tuesday, January 8, 2008

P3Ps need lessons in class

Thank God new year eve is over and done with. For a month peoples’ conversation only revolved around “are you here for New Year... oh! you are not going to Goa/Barcelona/Ibiza... (like it’s the done thing for all) we have five parties to attend that night... and a breakfast do”. Uff! If you said you were in town and going to the Sec’bad club, then you’re not happening..., some who paid up for Shalu’s pool party, the Mehta’s farm party and dropped in at Veeru’s Taj do were branded “desperate”, the types who want to be seen at all dos! And because Zain Bilgrami had invited a select lot only for breakfast to his place, those who went there made it a point to tell the others who weren’t invited “we have to go to Zain’s for breakfast.”

Now we get a year’s break from all this tamasha. By the way, all those who went to Goa too, hung out together as they realised the high flying Mumbai-Delhi-firang celebs didn’t give them a second glance. And all those who brag “we went to Vijay Mallya’s do”, making it seem they were invited by him, don’t even get to see Mallya. They manage “passes” and go there. Apparently there is a separate enclosure for these types. But yes, they can see the other celebs from a distance.

Hyderabadis are getting richer, the biz barons are booming. News is six new Bentleys and two Rolce Royce cars have been ordered — GVK, TSR, L Rajgopal are among those who have placed an order. Syam Prasad Reddy is all set for his IPO and is expected to do extremely well. The Tanla Solutions man too is going great guns.

While the rich are getting richer, many of them, especially the wives, need a crash course in style. PR brags her son doesn’t want to go abroad for higher studies because he can’t take his dad’s fancy cars. To which the mom replies, “We told him we’ll buy the same cars there!”

Perhaps the lady doesn’t know it’s cheaper there ’cos in India we pay a heavy duty tax.
RD is another lady who bores you to death about her high flying connections and lifestyle. Another lady said, “My daughter is going to Tarun Tahiliani to order a langa jaket (in other words a ghagra).

Dr Satish and Madhu Gupta have the most amazing collection of art. They had a party recently and few of the guests who were there for the first time were amazed at the collection. Every inch on the walls is adorned with art.

Everyone is wondering why Jay Galla had his party at Vishwas Raju’s house (while he was holidaying in Goa) and not his palatial bungalow. While all sorts of theories are floating around, the one that seems believable is Jay’s parties are rather merry and since his mom is the state’s health minister, he didn’t want her embarrassed if things went awry.