Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Hone your soft skills to succeed

In this day and age when multi-tasking is the name of the game, soft skills make a huge difference when it comes to progressing the corporate ladder. Team leaders expect their team members to be proactive and communicate openly. Of course it is essential to be technically sound, but one should also have the ability to communicate with both his superiors and those working beneath him or her.

Soft skills become more important in front end operations where people are in direct contact with clients. So, what are these soft skills that are so important? Some of these include the ability to negotiate, interpersonal skills, social graces, etiquette, time management and so on. If you have these skill sets, then you are well on your way to reaching the top. But what happens if you don’t? Well, then it is time to go to either a training academy or a training consultant.

Opinion however, is divided as to whether it is possible to enhance soft skills in a few hours of training. But the truth is that you have no choice in the matter. Your growth in an organisation depends on your overall personality development. And while organisations are investing in augmenting their staff’s skills, you could try being your own trainer by asking your close friends or family members to write down your best and worst traits. Now evaluate the common traits all of them have mentioned. And work towards improving your weak areas.

Take a hard look at yourself and ask if you are a true team player. Do you have good oral and written communication abilities, adaptability, high levels of self-esteem and confidence? Are you open to criticism and learning, time management, business etiquette, etc? If the answer is no, try to hone these areas of your personality so that when you do, you will be better equipped to fast track your career to the top!