Thursday, January 24, 2008

People assume beautiful girls are dumb, says John

John Legend says people assume his model girlfriends are “dumb” because they are so attractive. The Ordinary People singer, who has dated a string of supermodels and is currently romancing Thai-Norwegian beauty Christine Teigen, complains people think he is only interested in Christine because of her looks. Legend told the New York Daily news newspaper, “They expect Christine to be dumb and say, ‘Oh you’re dating a dumb girl because she’s hot.’ But people judge you either way. If you’re dating a girl who’s kind of regular, you hear, ‘Why are you dating her?’ I don’t get caught up in it. I’m more concerned with my happiness.” Legend, 29, said, “I’ve never tried to date a celebrity. I don’t want pictures taken of me every time I step out of the house.” But sources claim American-born Teigen, feels the opposite and loves to be in the spotlight. An insider said, “She dreams of superstardom and demands to be the centre of attention.”