Thursday, January 31, 2008

Traffic is such a vital element for any site, for without it ,there is absolutely no purpose in having a website. How to drive traffic to your site? This question would have been searched atleast a million times in the search engines with none giving a perfect solution. Dont worry Guys Buzzfuse is there for you.
Buzzfuse works in a pretty simple way. Once you register with the site, which is free, you can start touting any kind of content you desire which may me your blog post, a picture taken by yourself or even flash media files. All you need to do is to copy paste a small piece of code. A small widget kind of stuff will appear at the bottom of the post. Buzzfuse will do most of the work for you but you will still have to work a little.You can send the content to all your contacts in yahoo, gmail etc in a few seconds. Importing your contacts takes very little time. Your contacts will receive a notification and will have the option to review your content. The more reviews you will get, the more people from all around the world will be able to see your article. So if your content is of high quality then you will get loads of visitors in no time.

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