Tuesday, January 8, 2008

I have always been targetted

Actor-politician Govinda seems to be embroiled in controversies ever since he has tried to strike a balance between acting and politics. The latest is the slapping of an intruder on the sets of his film, Money Hai Toh Honey Hai, being directed by Ganesh Acharya. Govinda had also quoted boldly that he is going to quit politics. “I have been misquoted,” says Govinda adding, “I never said I am going to quit politics. I have to fulfil my term and the promises that I have made. But yes, I will not contest the elections the next time. Right now, I am lying low, and I have Sonia Gandhi’s permission for that. She understands the situation.”

About slapping a man on the sets of the film, Govinda says, “He was an intruder and I am not clear why he was on the sets. Everything appeared strange and suspicious. I saw him misbehaving with the dancers. I think this was all planned. Since I have entered politics, I have always been targetted.” Govinda had also been quoted saying, “Why should I be like Sunil Dutt saab when I can be like Amitabh Bachchan and quit politics?” He explains, “Let me clarify that point. Both Dutt saab and Amitabh are legends and I cannot be compared to them. I clearly said that in my capacity, if I have to follow someone in today’s circumstances, I would like to follow Amitabh as far as films and politics are concerned. I never said that I can be like him.”

Govinda has five films in hand right now. Rajeev Kumar’s Chal Chala Chal, Ganesh Acharya’s Money Hai To Honey Hai, Ravi Chopra’s Banda Yeh Bindaas Hai, David Dhawan’s sequel to Partner and Ashatavinayak Films’ next venture. “I am looking forward to great films now and am trying to concentrate on my film career,” he says.