Sunday, January 20, 2008

Bips & Saif comfortable with steamy Race scenes

The promos of Ramesh Taurani’s Race have created quite a buzz in the industry. But besides the slick and international feel of Race, directed by Abbas-Mustan, the industry is abuzz about Bipasha Basu’s hot scenes with Saif Ali Khan.

According to unit sources, Bipasha and Saif have shot a steamy song and a passionate scene in the film and both shared a decent comfort level and had no awkward moments during the shoot. Says Bipasha, “We can’t feel awkward about doing any scenes during shoots as we are informed well in advance about the story and screenplay. I am quite comfortable shooting sizzling scenes as long as I know what I am supposed to do and am not uncomfortable about the idea. But yes, if I sense any remote discomfort, I will not do it.”

She adds, “But then it’s not only me, the whole film is sizzling. All the characters have a lot of intimate scenes and not just Saif and me. Race is on the lines of an international thriller.” Ramesh Taurani, producer Tips Films confirms that there are very steamy scenes between Bipasha and Saif. “Race has been shot in the exotic locales of Durban. There are intimate scenes between the other characters in the film, but Saif and Bipasha are the hottest. However, there is no kissing scene in the film. But Bipasha and Saif are very professional about their work and there was no problem shooting with them,” he says.