Monday, August 27, 2007

Vivica finds Simpson to be fabulous co-star

Jessica Simpson is no diva, says her latest movie co-star. Vivica A. Fox, who appears alongside the blonde in Major Movie Star, insists rumours that Jessica behaved like a spoilt brat throughout filming are just vicious lies. She told People magazine, “Those vicious lies they put out were just that lies. She was so much of a team player. She was gracious and so down-to-earth.” Vivica insists Jessica, who plays an out-of-work movie star who finds herself financially ruined, worked hard and made a lot of sacrifices.

She added, “She showed a lot of physicality, like 90 per cent of all her own stunts, and she sacrificed so much of her body for this movie.” The 43-year-old actress, who plays a tough sergeant helping Jessica’s character get back into shape also revealed how brave Jessica was when the singer accidentally injured her nose with a prop gun.

She recalled, “During the scene she looked really intense, when I looked in her eyes, and I just thought she was really into it. But when the director Steve Miner yelled, ‘Cut,’ Jessica came over to me and said, ‘Vivica I hit my nose with the gun.’ We got ice immediately. Most girls would’ve stopped right then and there, but she was ready to do another take. She’s wonderful.”