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Online cash advance

Money has always been something we're after ever since we realized the undeniable fact that today, without money, you are non-existent to the world. Some people are gifted with inherited wealth, while others have to go through a day long toil to just make a few cents. And most of us fall under the second category. It is not easy to produce an eye-popping sum in a matter of days, in case you are planning on your son's marriage ceremony, or in case you are required to pay an advance to by a new house or any such situation that demands an amount of money that you cannot furnish all of a sudden. Many of us do more often than not come across any of these situations, that also most likely put a lot of mental pressure on us.

Nothing to worry ! get your Online Cash Advance at payday loans are short-term, small, unsecured consumer loans. They are a good alternative to bouncing checks, selling personal property for less than it is worth, or uncomfortable situations like borrowing money from family and friends. There is no better place to secure your short term loans.

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Best buy slots

There may be many casino services but when it comes to choosing a particular service, all the casinos can’t be chosen and a chosen suitable one should be used by the users. The reviews and the guidelines on the casinos will help the users to make out which service is the best suiting one for them. Beyond this there is one more major and important factor which will help out the users and that is the payouts given by the casino websites. Best Casino Payouts can be availed at which has a separate section for casinos and it covers all the topics and threads that could come under the casinos. It is really simple to start playing. All you have to do is to download the software available and install it into your computer. Next, you just need to sign up an account and transfer your money via safe online banking before you start playing online betting. Each and every transaction you made is safe and they are being recorded by the casino. They give complete details on all types of casinos and slots and the bonuses they offer so that all the customers are aware of that. The striking feature of this site is that they have listed casinos under different categories to differentiate various types of games. There is a news board which regularly updates all the informations from the world of slots for the customers to read and gain knowledge about them. They give ratings for various online casino sites based on a number of parameters. choose the Best Casino .. play Slots at

Blackjack online

This is to all you hardcore gamblers out there ! It has been over six to ten years since online gambling and casinos made their foray into the city. Ever since online slots became popular, several thousand, as many as 3000 online casinos opened up soon enough providing die-hard gamblers a plethora of choices to pick from. With each online casino promising striking features and mind blowing gameplay, graphics, account management, sign-up bonuses and offers, it is quite difficult and also a tedious process to select your casino from the surplus of casinos available online today.

Nothing to worry ! is here to guide you !

This site, has been reviewing all the major online casinos that feature all the popular games such as Poker,Blackjack, craps, slots and roulette. Important details pertaining to the certification carried by the casino, bonus information, player and editor ratings and also a complete review of the casino are also available. The page also contains links to all the different online casinos listed and reviewed. I'm sure this site will prove to be a boon to all you poker crazy dudes out there ! So, what are you waiting for, go ahead and choose your favorite online casino ,play Blackjack Online and HIT THE STAKES !!

Free counter

Incase you are new to blogging, this post will be really useful. Generally bloggers and site owners wish to keep track of the visitors to their sites. But for that you need to install a simple code in your site. Leave the job of writing these codes to freecounterpro.

The purpose of using Hit Counter is so that you can track your website visitors any time of the day with just a glance at your website or blog. It is important to know that at freecounterpro, you do have an option to set up your hit counter to track only your unique visitors, or you can use it to count every time your site is visited. Another thing worth mentioning is that you set your starting number and the counter automatically counts your visitors from that number. This neat tool is especially helpful to new business webmasters who need a meaningful analysis of their site traffic. Even if your site is a personal fun site, who isn't curious to know just how many people have looked at it.

A hit counter is a wonderful tool to help you understand how much website traffic you have but with freecounterpro you receive much more than an attractive hit counter. Every hit counter also comes with free website statistics which gives you very detailed information about how your website visitors found your website. freecounterpro provides great tools to website owners who want to take their web adventures to the next level with a powerful yet easy to install website counter.

Adding a hit counter to your site is something anyone can do, even with little or no website experience. You can put the counter anywhere on your website, but most people prefer it on the bottom. Installing a Web Hit Counter is simply a matter of copying a code, and pasting it into your html code. Once the code is copied and pasted where you want it, the hit counter will appear on your website or blog. If you need help with installing your hit counter, there is a help section with detailed instructions and further help is provided very quickly by emailing the support department. Get your stylish customized counter from this site now. check out

Online casino gambling

If you desire to test your gambling skills, mjcasinos dot com offers a catena of casino spots to choose from. A mere click will allow you to travel in to a new world of fortunes. If you think you are lucky then try your hand at gambling. Gambling is fun. It is a game of chances which might put you into despair if you arent lucky.where you will know not merely the names of various Online Casino Games like online poker , blackjack , roulette etc , but also their formats and the ways of playing and winning each game. For raw and random gamblers like most of us,this site gives graphic details of all the Online Casinos you can find on-line and also the tips for on-line gambling. The periodical reviews of each casino provide valuable information about its origin, standard of games played and the type of visitors who frequent it.
Important details pertaining to the certification carried by the casino, bonus information, player and editor ratings and also a complete review of the casino are also available. So, take the plunge right now. Gambling is not sin. After all, the world itself is a big casino where we mortals have gambled to take birth. Go ahead and choose your favorite Online casino. Go and enjoy Online Casino Gambling at

Online gambling directory

Gambling dates back to the times of emperors and continues to be still present in the life of the modern man. For the modern man it is a favorite game that provides him with pleasure, enjoyment, fun and even means of living. This game can be easily played by people of all the age and group. The traditional way of gambling has been drastically effected with the advancement of technology and the large number of people who now have access to the world wide net. The development of the technology has made the game now available to the people online along with providing them with the freedom of playing it even from their houses.

There are many sites like the Online Gambling Data Base that provide the people with online gambling games and references. With the increasing popularity of online gambling, most of the casinos have started inviting professional gamblers. Online gambling is also the best way for the beginners to learn the various games and get acquainted with the proceedings. Like the traditional casino these online casinos also provide them with various exciting games which will attract their attention. Although there are many sites that are offering online gambling but for the players one thing is very important and that is to watch out for the fraudulent people around.
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Thursday, March 20, 2008


If you desire to test your gambling skills, mjcasinos dot com offers a catena of casino spots to choose from. A mere click will allow you to travel in to a new world of fortunes. If you think you are lucky then try your hand at gambling. Gambling is fun. It is a game of chances which might put you into despair if you arent lucky.where you will know not merely the names of various Online Casino Games like online poker , blackjack , roulette etc , but also their formats and the ways of playing and winning each game. For raw and random gamblers like most of us,this site gives graphic details of all the Online Casinos you can find on-line and also the tips for on-line gambling. The periodical reviews of each casino provide valuable information about its origin, standard of games played and the type of visitors who frequent it.
Important details pertaining to the certification carried by the casino, bonus information, player and editor ratings and also a complete review of the casino are also available. So, take the plunge right now. Gambling is not sin. After all, the world itself is a big casino where we mortals have gambled to take birth. Go ahead and choose your favorite Online casino
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Saturday, March 15, 2008

Bookings made easy

Travelling is something which everyone would relish be it a business trip or for pure holidaying.Holiday season is imminent and i guess most people would have started planning for their vacation. Vacations are so important to get along with your family and get your time off from a highly laborious office work. The hotels where you stay is very important because they are what that will make your stay a pleasing one.Given a chance to choose a travel spot in Europe, London, Barcelona and Berlin, no one would deny the opportunity, or atleast I definitely wouldn’t. London is one of the best places to be in this world. London is also one of the most romantic places you can find.

Dont know where to start? Check out easytobook dot com .

The sheet that spreads on your computer would guide you to make your stay more pleasurable and at the same time affordable. It gives the minutest details regarding the places of interest in France, london, barcelona and so many other places, about the unique features of all these places, about the London Hotels , Newyork hotels , Rome Hotels and many other hotels where your comforts are taken care of as nearly or even more than what is available in your home. The tariff cards tagged on to the photographs of the exteriors and interiors of these nice hotels would allow you to take instant decisions depending on your budgetary plans. A visit to this site is a must before you plan your trip.

Friday, March 14, 2008

Full tilt poker

Poker is undoubtedly the most exciting and popular card game. Winning each hand is important to winning the game ultimately. Poker is one game, I have repeated several times, is not where you get to make the best use of your luck, but is a game where the one who eliminates 'luck' emerges the winner. That is the secret behind winning your golden hands. To win each hand, you need to calculate all odds and determine whether you can bet and if you can, how much you can and stuff like that. The site named the Flop Turn River is intended for those who are fond of online gaming. Players can access the site for free but will need to type in a Full Tilt Poker referral code to sign –up. The site offers many tools that a player would certainly love such as beginner’s guide, videos, reviews, gallery, blogs, chat room and many more. The site also offers Poker stars bonus code and Full tilt bonus . Check out this awesome site.

Thursday, March 13, 2008


Air ambulance-the name might sound strange,not many would have heard about this wonderful service available.well what it is actually?Its highly unpredictable as to when one would fall sick and need the medical case of emergencies,medical team using land transport nowadays is not at all preferred becuase of the delays associated with it.also one should consider the time it takes to carry the patient back to the hospital.often we have witnessed cases of patients dying before reaching hospital.
The soultion to this is to make use of air ambulance services
.It helps the patient to get medical services as quickly as possible before its too late as few minutes delay may kill a patient.The team is compose highly experienced crew with state of art facilities and latest medical facilities available on air to provide you with the highest quality of service.most importantly its a 24 hour service serving emergency and non emergency cases.The medical team includes:
· Board Certified Flight Physicians
· ACLS (Advanced Cardiac Life Support)
· ICU/CCU Licensed Registered Nurses
· Nationally Registered Flight Paramedics (EMT-P)
· Certified Respiratory Therapists
· Emergency Medical Technicians (EMT)
so folks,you need not worry anymore about getting medical services in case of emergengies.

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Free blog

Are you the one who would likw to share your thoughts with people. is the right place for you. All you have to do here is create a Free Blog on the site, and start posting your thoughts as blog posts. The other users of the site can check out your blog, rate it and even provide feedback in the form of comments.
Millions of people have created a personal blog so they could share their daily lives with their friends, family, and others. But your daily happenings aren’t all you have to share - using you can create a free personal blog where you can upload photos, videos, podcasts, and more. You can chat in forums and message boards with your friends and bookmark the latest allows you to set each post as viewable by the public, for only friends and family to see, or you can even write posts that are private and can only be viewed by YOU. Even better, provides unlimited bandwidth. If you’re bored, you can browse the “Popular Posts” or “Popular Blogs”, or you can get to work on creating your own blog. Another great thing about is that they are charity oriented and believe in giving back to the community. Besides all these they hold a monthly contest and give away a 6 month Netflix membership to an existing member that has referred their friend to become an active member of the community. In addition there is another annual vacation getaway contest. This is really great thing..Do visit the site and start sharing your thoughts at

Monday, March 10, 2008

Farreys Lighting

Lamps are one of the most important things inside the house or a building. I can't imagine any houses withoutv lamps. Think how dark they will be. A building or house without lamps is like a dish without any taste. Lamps are not only useful at night or when there is bad light but they also function as decoraticve items. Lamps can make a house or building look more beautiful.

Do you want complete information on a variety of lamps?Do you want to get all the lamps at very reasonable rates?Dont worry.You are at the right place.Farreys provides you a list of all the lamps with a detailed description attached to each and everyone of them.The striking aspect is that all the lamps are available at astonishingly low rates. All the kinds of lamps like table lamps and floor lamps are in offer,along with a pictorial representation for each and everyone of them.The site also has a search bar that helps you find the exact product you are looking for,easily.The lamps could also be searched by type,style,brand and finish. They offer fine art lamps for decorative purposes.

Farreys also offer lamps for outdoor usage. Many types of outdoor lights such as landscape lighting, pier mount lanterns, deck lights, post mount lanterns and other outdoor lights can be found at They also offer specialised Forecast Lighting and George Kovacs lighting, hinkley lighting, house of troy lighting, kichler lighting etc. So, whoever you are and whatever lamps you need you should visit

Wareshousing Solutions

Before I got married, I encountered different types of people in my work and one of them were those who needed warehousing solutions as well as a warehousing service. Those were the pre-internet days so what was important then was that you had contacts. Since I was still a newbie then (almost fresh from college!), I had so few contacts so I relied mostly on my superiors to give me the names. It's a good thing there is the internet these days! Something like warehousing service can be covered with just a few clicks on your computer and then you can immediately get results! Of course, you still have to consider a lot of things, and one of them could be the location. It helps greatly, of course, if the warehousing site is near your area, to minimize the cost of transporting them. However, there is always a solution for everything!

GDF fulfillment solutions are committed towards giving you world class service in this regard. They have a 24hour turnaround and a superior customer service. They offer climate-controlled and protected facilities. Your products are always monitored and safeguarded in our secure warehouse, and are immediately available for distribution. Sometimes it might not be the one that we think that we need (we sometimes have this idea that our way is almost always the best one, lol), but in the long run it might be the perfect solution!

GDF Fulfillment

Do you have an online store and you need help in warehousing, shipping (they are also a wholesale book distributors), labeling, marketing your products on the web? If you are, then this post is a good opportunity for you. I would recommend that you visit the website of GDF Fulfillment Solutions. When you visit their website then you would know that their fulfillment center is what you are looking for. You would also know that they can be of great help in warehousing and distribution, and purchase order processing needs of your products.

Your products will be packaged using high-speed, custom automated machinery; capabilities include assembling, sorting and insertion. Also, if you need help with selling your products on the web then they can help you showcase and sell your products on the internet using their secure online catalog/shopping cart services. They also offer in-house Call Center to provide secure, customized and convenient services to your clients. So, what are you looking for, visit GDF Fulfillment Solutions now and check out the possibilities of what they offer.


We all love to do small business in our area or even in our state or a country, to make some of the extra money out of the Nothing, which would give the Extra Time which would be wasted instead of Earning some or the other thing out of this useful time in our daily Life. But Starting a Business might it be Large or Small, it need the technology to incorporate it to make your customer more comfortable and easy to understand. The things like automated warehouse and wholesale clothing distributor (if you are dedicated to the Clothing Business) are the must for comfortable customer approach towards you or your store world wide.

Online Site which provides you with this all facilities like wholesale clothing distributor is non other than GDF. The Clients – ranging from mom-and-pop shops to nationally known corporations – receive the highest level of service. The GDF team is made up of industry experts who are on hand to address any client questions or problems that may arise.

Some of the Clients of the GDF describe GDF as partnership with all vendors is about building relationships and GDF has been a key contributor. They continue to invest in being prepared to meet our growth demands with new technology and planning for additional space. Their Management team has shown an ability to keep their key employees, which has contributed to their success greatly. So, what are you wanting for, next time you are in need of the Ware House or some of the wholesale clothing distributor in any of the sector in the industry let it be clothing or any other don’t forget to contact the GDF for your Comfortable Customer Satisfaction.

Luxury Watches

"Time is essence" is an old proverb and it is especially true for businessmen. For such people they say "time is money". So watches are as important for businessmen as their attire. To impress people businessmen dress up and their watches must complement their dressing quality. patek phillipe watches and buy breitling watchesare luxury watches which are very expensive. They ooze class and luxury.

These extremely expensive watches are owned by several movie stars and rich people and it is a must for every successful and rich businessman. Owning a patek philippe gives you a the same sense as owning a luxury mercedes. It goes wherever you go like your car and it speaks aloud in the conference room.

Feel Good Watches

Watches ! The Most Important Accessories of the Modern Men and Women, World Wide. Can you Imagine the World Without the Time. You would be getting late or reaching early on most or even let me say this way thaT you would be never on time for any work world wide.

If your are the lover of the Watches As I am, I do have a collection of the Watches for the different Occasion in my Daily Life. I Found a Online Site which have the same interest of collecting and now selling the same high end Watches of Companies like patek philippe.

A number of royalties, celebrities, sports pro and tycoons, have all owned and still do one of the world's most well-known and expensive brand of wrist watch, patek phillipe watches
. These are very high quality luxury watches as one can infer from their owners. To a lot of people, owning a patek
is no-doubt one of their most prized possession. It not only reflects style but status too. It shows that the wearer has reached a certain position in life and society, that he /she is able to be rewarded with this luxury watch. In a way, it's also a feel good watch, if I can call it so.

Online casino

Do you want to go to Vegas and have first hand casino experience but you neither have the time nor resources to get there? No worries as 32Vegas will take you there at the comfort of your own home. It's an online casino site that aims to put you in a glamorous and fashionable environment with the feel of stepping into a real Las Vegas Strip casino! This vegas casinooffers one of the best online casinos, bingo sites and poker rooms where you can bet online with real money. has also online casino testimonials from the winners. Deposit a minimum cash and get a bonus for playing casino games and a chance to win the Jackpot prize.

The website design has its professional touch and layout. It has all the things you need and information to play an online casino. It has sitemap and help nor support in 24/7 if you are lost and need help to fix some problems. navigation is very user friendly and first time user has a minimal chance to get lost when he visit the website. To play the game you need to download first their program and install it to your computer. After setup you will need to create your account. Their program has an option to play a real casino or just play for fun nor practice. This particular software features an exclusive service which can release multi-windows for easy monitoring of the casino online games. This online casino even offers assistance guides in most of the games that can be of great help to the beginners.

32Vegas has the expertise and professionalism of knowing the importance of establishing a fair gaming environment for its players. 32Vegas also protect and secure the privacy of players information since they do not log the email of the visitors and winners and cash-out are kept strictly private and confidential. Winnings Information is stored in secure operating environments.

Sunday, March 9, 2008

Rent blockbuster

People rent movies for many incomparable reasons. One of the most popular departments at your local video store is the new movie releases section. This is where people go to find the most recent films available. It's a good way to catch up on all the flicks you missed in the theater. It's also a magnificent way to save money.

Before watching a movie at the theaters, many people decide to wait for it to come out on DVD. Several films are ready for rent within months of their theatrical debut. If you want to rent some movie you can go to Blockbuster, they have several offers for you to save your money off. Blockbuster Online also has Online Game Rentals, so if you don't have enough money to buy the games you can rent there.

Friday, March 7, 2008

Going to travel

Today, I am here to tell you about an interesting place that the great traveler Columbus discovered. Apart from America, Columbus discovered several other small nations that have grown in importance today. Of them, "Rich Coast" was the most famous one, otherwise known as "Costa Rica" meaning the same ! So, what was this land rich in ? Well, Costa Rica was rich in beauty, rich in ecological factors, rich in flora and fauna with millions of rare found species of animals and plants and insects that live in the most unlikely of habitats. Costa Rica's wealth of natural resources is so abundant that it even exports oxygen, an essential nutrient for a better, healthier and cleaner way of life. What people like about Costa Rica is that is a very romantic place to live in. Most Costa Rican visitors fall in love with this beautiful country and its very friendly people and start to dream about living in Costa Rica. From exotic beaches and verdant mountains where the climate is always pleasant, to tropical rain forests with amazing flora and fauna, Costa Rica enchants everyone. If you are looking for vacation homes in costa rica then you should definitely check out goin2travel dot com.
The site offers Cabo San Lucas villa rentals and Costa Rica vacation rentals at an affordable price. The site provides you with all the details you need before you plan your trip. Check out this site and make your trip a pleasurable one.

Thursday, March 6, 2008

Cheaper than hotels- newzealand

Traveling is something which i always relish. It is absolute fun as you can get to know new people and their cultures. It just takes your mind away from your laborious and will give you an opportunity to relax. One place which i always dreamt of visiting is newzealand.
It is a fascinating country offers loads of entertainment for all the age groups. Newzealand one of the most exotic loacations in planet earth is also the youngest. With plenty open spaces filled with beautiful landscapes, fantastic beaches, often scintillating volcanic activity, a temperate climate and wonderful animal and plant life, there is no doubt why newzealand is the most preferred destination of travellers.

New Zealand's culture is one of its kind. The culture of its indigenous Maori people has its effect on the language ,art and even the accent of all New Zealanders. The newzealanders have always had passion for sports and arts and they love their gorgeous scenic outdoor beauty.
If you are planning a trip to newzealand then do visit this site to get to know about New Zealand Hotels ,Auckland Accommodation,Wellington Accommodation, Christchurch Accommodation, Queenstown Accommodation . I am sure this site will offer you some the best deals possible and will make your trip to newzealand a memorable one. do check out this site.

Deal with deviant kids carefully

Children have begun taking to violence at the drop of a hat. They simply pick up a gun or knife and get violent at anyone they carry a grudge against. It is not that they don’t know what they are doing — they fully well know the consequences and go ahead anyway.
It is up to the parents to catch the early signs of aggression in their children and deal with it in a positive manner. If you think your child is more violent than warranted, check for these behaviour patterns.

* Is either aloof or overfriendly.
* Loses temper even for petty issues.
* Hits physically, uses abusive language.
* Is unable to maintain the rules of a game, uses a bat or racquet as a weapon if the situation goes out of hand.
* Short span of verbal interactions with peers and siblings.
* Highly energetic while watching violent clippings or playing violent video games.
* Poor scholastic performance.
* Frequent temper tantrums in the form of banging head against the wall and throwing whatever comes in hand.

Before things go out of hand, parents can intervene and manage the child’s deviant behaviour. Spend quality time with your children — listen to them, respect their ideas and choices. Any disapproval or rejection should be very tactful. Take proper measures if your child has a complaint of bullying or teasing. Keep a vigilant eye on their language, peers and games. Give them space to grow — too many restrictions lead to frustration and low self-esteem. Divert them towards creative activities like sports and music.

Discuss consequences of aberrant behaviour tactfully; help them differentiate between desirable and deviant conduct. Always criticise the deed, not the doer. Encourage them to ignore situations that provoke violent behaviour through deep breathing and reverse counting. Ensure that you do not display any aggression. Have frequent meetings with teachers, counsellor and psychologist so that intervention works in uniformity.

Nintendo Wii Sweeps+Charter High-Speed for Life

I have been a gaming freak right from my childhood. One can always find me in the queue eagerly waiting to grab the first copy whenever a new game is released. I am also a gaming gadget maniac and there hasnt been a single gaming console that i havent played on. I am a proud owner of the xbox 360 as well as PS 3. But the gaming console that captured my attention and enticed me was nitendo wii. I have been trying really hard to get one but i am out of funds to get it myself. So i was checking out the internet to see if i have a chance to grab one through a sweepstake. Thats when i found a site which offers a wonderful oppurtunity to win a wii. All you have to do to enter the sweepstake is to register yourself with that site simply by proviing your mail address and a few other details. The winner of the sweepstake will receive a brand new nintendo wii along with five original games. The visitors will also get a chance to bid for Charter High-Speed® Internet for Life. The bidding starts at $10 and only visitors in the charter serviceable rea will be allowed to bid. Check out this ultimate site right away give yourself a chance to win a nintendo wii. Click Here for a Chance to Win a Nintendo® Wii™!

Simon rejects £1 million offer to be face of Viagra

Simon Cowell turned down a £1 million offer to be the face of Viagra. The music mogul, 48, said he was “insulted” when he was asked to advertise the drug, which helps impotent men have a fulfilling sex life. He said, “Last year, my agent rang me and said, ‘You’ve been offered an incredibly big deal. It’s to be the face of Viagra.’ And I just said, ‘Sorry, but that has to be an insult.’”

Although Simon doesn’t need any help in the bedroom, he has admitted to seeking help to stay looking young. The X Factor judge has confessed he has regular Botox injections to smooth out any wrinkles. He said, “To me, Botox is no more unusual than toothpaste. It works, you do it once a year, who cares. But I’d never dye my hair, although I know everyone thinks I do.”

Tuesday, March 4, 2008


retirement employment
well,according to a recent research,it has been found that number of people retiring are increasing pretty fast.As a result there are number of vacancies and job solution is to fix this problem by employing young people.But the number of youngsters available to replenish this is also dwindling.hence it requires the services of senior citizens who have spent their lifetime working hard for 30 odd years but still don want to spend the rest of their life good thing about working after retirement is that they don need to depend on their spouses or children for each and everything.they need not work as much as they did during their heyday still could earn a fair amount to ensure that thy are still financially independent.It also relaxes their mind by working or perhaps choosing the job they wanted still,they couldn do it suring their younger days.At some point of time passion comes first before money and its always good to pursue ones passion as long as it does,n place others dependent on them under risk. is a site that provides you unique career solution for these new brand of senior citizens who would like to work after provided you with diferent kinds of job like nursing children,house renovation projects,and many other jobs depending on your interests.the work hours would be according to your wish-either full time or part time -flexiblity is guaranteed.SeniorCareerSource helps seniors find a second career that meets their current life objectives and requirements.
seniorcarrer source stays in constant touch with employers who advertise for jobs where integrity ,experience matters.SeniorCareerSource is a service of Target Recruiting, a leading recruitment and placement firm serving New England since 2003. you can register ,tell them what you are looking for ,the nature of job,what your strenghts are ,your experience and seniorcareer source will take care of the rest to take you to a dream second carrer
seniors.dont think life is over after retirement,still you can of use to many with your invaluable wisdom and experience.
-Sparkling swami.

Sunday, March 2, 2008

Britney meets sons for third time

Britney Spears saw her sons for the third time since the weekend recently. The troubled singer spent three hours with two-year-old Sean Preston and 17-month-old Jayden James, who both sported new short haircuts, after reaching a visitation agreement with ex-husband Kevin Federline.

A source close to the Toxic star said, "Britney has been very affectionate with the boys, giving them lots of hugs and kisses. Kids this age are amazingly resilient, and the very close bond that Britney has with her children is apparent."

She was first reunited with the boys on February 23, after her lawyers agreed on a visitation schedule with Kevin’s lawyers. During the visits, Britney always has to be accompanied by her father, and co-conservator of her estate, Jamie, a psychiatrist, a lawyer and one of Kevin’s security guards. Meanwhile, Britney is currently rehearsing for her new video for the single Hot as Ice.

An insider said, "Britney is ready to take the next step to shooting the video. She’s been working a chair routine out in the studio and is ready to animate it." The 26-year-old Gimme More singer is said to be "very clear" and focused, and will rehearse four times a week to ensure she is ready for the shoot. The insider added, "Now that a lot of the drama is behind her, she’s really getting serious about making a comeback. She knows that once she gets working out more in the studio, her excess weight will start coming off, it always does."