Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Real rank for real bloggers

Here comes a blog rating system that differs from other existing things by not just manipulating things on a mere extrapolation of estimates.It rather uses real data so as to find which blogs are real hits,which blogs are having the most influence on the web.Friends,IZEARanks ranks the top blogs in the blogosphere via actual site statistics.

How it works:IZEARanks uses a piece of javascript to collect and report Blog Ranks based on actual traffic. You can choose whether you want to display pageviews and visitors or just your RealRank. RealRank utilizes the IZEA Toolkit (ITK) to provide real visitor data collected from a piece of code blog owners embed on their blog. The data is used to define an individual blogs overall standing relative to other blogs participating in the program as well as in specific categories such as entertainment and technology.
The lower the number the better will be your ranking.

The code is different from that of PPP, so anyone concerned about a hit from Google need not worry.
There is an option where you could compare your rank with that of your friends.
you could effectively monitor your average weekly real ranks,average daily unique visitor.
One of the aspect of IZEA Ranks.com that u will find intriguing is that it gives $1000 each week since Jan to the blog with the #1 real rank,the details of which you could check in the official website.

Getting started:
Getting started is surprisingly simple.all you need to do is to install an IZEA Toolkit (ITK)on your blog,by becoming a member of IZEA network.But sometimes it might be installed already on your blog in case if you happen to have registered your blog with payperpost or socialspark.The following three steps will help you to start monitoring your rank:

1.Adding your Blog:
just login into the site.you will find an option'account'.just enter the exact url of your blog.

2.Installing ITK and claiming ownership:All blogs you claim will show up on your Account page under the Current Blogs header. If ITK is already installed on your blog, you should have a check mark in the ITK column and only need to install the claim code to prove that you own the blog you claimed.Click the "Get Code" button next to the red X in the Ownership Verified column to get all the code you need. Copy the code from the text box onto your blog's site template, preferably in the HTML before the closing HEAD tag.

3.Get your rank:

once you are done with the above two steps,return to the accounts and make sure your url is correct.refresh the page.Do make sure you find two green check marks which implies the site is monitoring your traffic and you will get your exact rank the very next morning.

personally i feel this system works better than alexa or google's ranking .Folks, do make use of this and get to know your accurate ranking.
sparkling swami.

*this post was brought to you by payperpost