Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Get the right training

Plumbing Training

well,Avand is a training institute in uk offering training in various disciplines so that u become a expert through their intensive rigourous training seesions and the expertise the training agents offer you .The courses offered are varied and some of them are managerial,sales ,plumbing etc.
As far as plumbing is concerned you will be offered an eight week training programme at the end og which you will be made to work in a work place and gain invaluabe experience there.you will have exams and assessments during the final two weeks of your course.
During training ,you will be made to learn the essentials of health safety ,key plumbing principles,working relationships,domestic cold and hot water systems,sanitation,heating systems,environmental awareness etc.
National vacational qualification level 2 plumbing is the basic qualification that you need to have a start your career as a plumber .many training institutes offer this but we can proudly say not as good as ours though.many success stories of our trainees serve as a testimony to this .
According to a survey there is a shortage of some 30,000 plumbers throughout the country and that itself will offer you the answer for the question,'will i get a decent job or how do i start off my career after completing the training?'.we don usually work for money and time only rather quality is our biggest concern.Do contact us for further details.
-Sparkling Swami.