Saturday, February 9, 2008

Men in Blue turn Brat Pack

The young new Indian cricket displayed glimpses of its off-field behaviour on Saturday as they made light of a press conference being addressed by Virender Sehwag at the MCG indoor nets on Saturday. With showers forcing the players indoors from an outfield session, the players deliberately tried to disturb the press meet by making nonsensical noises under the pretext of maintaining order.Hoots, whistles and mock sounds of loud requests of shhhh… for silence followed even as the difficult-to-conceal grins on their faces said that they were not in right earnest. Captain Mahendra Singh Dhoni watched helplessly as his unruly wards displayed their ugly side.Team manager Bimal Soni, vice-president of the Rajasthan Cricket Association headed by the all-powerful Lalit Modi, too remained mute as the blues derived perverse pleasure out of disrupting the press conference. And we thought cricket was a gentleman’s game.While the youngsters behaved like a bunch of school dropouts, it was nice to see veteran Sunil Gavaskar in fine form, enjoying his walk down the river Yarra. The polished Sunny, who is here as a television commentator, had a sunny smile plastered on his face as he obliged people who wanted to take his photographs with the Melbourne skyline in the backdrop. It made them think, now this is a guy from the gentleman’s era of the game.