Tuesday, March 4, 2008


retirement employment
well,according to a recent research,it has been found that number of people retiring are increasing pretty fast.As a result there are number of vacancies and job openings.one solution is to fix this problem by employing young people.But the number of youngsters available to replenish this is also dwindling.hence it requires the services of senior citizens who have spent their lifetime working hard for 30 odd years but still don want to spend the rest of their life passively.one good thing about working after retirement is that they don need to depend on their spouses or children for each and everything.they need not work as much as they did during their heyday still could earn a fair amount to ensure that thy are still financially independent.It also relaxes their mind by working or perhaps choosing the job they wanted still,they couldn do it suring their younger days.At some point of time passion comes first before money and its always good to pursue ones passion as long as it does,n place others dependent on them under risk.

Seniorcarrersource.com is a site that provides you unique career solution for these new brand of senior citizens who would like to work after retirement.it provided you with diferent kinds of job like nursing children,house renovation projects,and many other jobs depending on your interests.the work hours would be according to your wish-either full time or part time -flexiblity is guaranteed.SeniorCareerSource helps seniors find a second career that meets their current life objectives and requirements.
seniorcarrer source stays in constant touch with employers who advertise for jobs where integrity ,experience matters.SeniorCareerSource is a service of Target Recruiting, a leading recruitment and placement firm serving New England since 2003. you can register ,tell them what you are looking for ,the nature of job,what your strenghts are ,your experience and seniorcareer source will take care of the rest to take you to a dream second carrer
seniors.dont think life is over after retirement,still you can of use to many with your invaluable wisdom and experience.
-Sparkling swami.