Monday, March 24, 2008

Free counter

Incase you are new to blogging, this post will be really useful. Generally bloggers and site owners wish to keep track of the visitors to their sites. But for that you need to install a simple code in your site. Leave the job of writing these codes to freecounterpro.

The purpose of using Hit Counter is so that you can track your website visitors any time of the day with just a glance at your website or blog. It is important to know that at freecounterpro, you do have an option to set up your hit counter to track only your unique visitors, or you can use it to count every time your site is visited. Another thing worth mentioning is that you set your starting number and the counter automatically counts your visitors from that number. This neat tool is especially helpful to new business webmasters who need a meaningful analysis of their site traffic. Even if your site is a personal fun site, who isn't curious to know just how many people have looked at it.

A hit counter is a wonderful tool to help you understand how much website traffic you have but with freecounterpro you receive much more than an attractive hit counter. Every hit counter also comes with free website statistics which gives you very detailed information about how your website visitors found your website. freecounterpro provides great tools to website owners who want to take their web adventures to the next level with a powerful yet easy to install website counter.

Adding a hit counter to your site is something anyone can do, even with little or no website experience. You can put the counter anywhere on your website, but most people prefer it on the bottom. Installing a Web Hit Counter is simply a matter of copying a code, and pasting it into your html code. Once the code is copied and pasted where you want it, the hit counter will appear on your website or blog. If you need help with installing your hit counter, there is a help section with detailed instructions and further help is provided very quickly by emailing the support department. Get your stylish customized counter from this site now. check out


Hot Chick Writer said...

This is very helpful, thank you! I always wonder how many people are reading my blog but now I can know!