Friday, March 7, 2008

Going to travel

Today, I am here to tell you about an interesting place that the great traveler Columbus discovered. Apart from America, Columbus discovered several other small nations that have grown in importance today. Of them, "Rich Coast" was the most famous one, otherwise known as "Costa Rica" meaning the same ! So, what was this land rich in ? Well, Costa Rica was rich in beauty, rich in ecological factors, rich in flora and fauna with millions of rare found species of animals and plants and insects that live in the most unlikely of habitats. Costa Rica's wealth of natural resources is so abundant that it even exports oxygen, an essential nutrient for a better, healthier and cleaner way of life. What people like about Costa Rica is that is a very romantic place to live in. Most Costa Rican visitors fall in love with this beautiful country and its very friendly people and start to dream about living in Costa Rica. From exotic beaches and verdant mountains where the climate is always pleasant, to tropical rain forests with amazing flora and fauna, Costa Rica enchants everyone. If you are looking for vacation homes in costa rica then you should definitely check out goin2travel dot com.
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