Saturday, November 24, 2007

SRK: Shahrukh Khan the Sexiest Asian

He is uber cool, he is sexy, he is super intelligent, he is the reigning superstar of India and now he is also the sexiest man in Asia.

According to a poll conducted by UK’s leading Asian newspaper, SRK has been placed before two other hotties — Hrithik Roshan and John Abraham. Last week, Bipasha Basu won votes in favour of her and was titled the sexiest woman in Asia, followed by Priyanka Chopra and Madhuri Dixit.

From among a list of 100 names that were published and featured on the newspaper’s website, King Khan walked away with the crown. The panel of judges who decided to award him the title include eminent British Asians from the world of films, television, fashion, media and showbiz. The judges ranked the public’s 20 most popular names and then the newspaper collated the judges’ answers to produce its definite list.

When BT had asked the six-pack Khan about his ‘cool dude’ tag, he said, “It’s quite a strange feeling actually... I have never thought of myself as sexy in the conventional sense of the word as I know it! Actually with my friends I always joke that I’m sexy and cool, ‘cos, I never really believe it. All this must be largely because of me being part of a couple of popular films this year.”

SRK says he is a shy guy, “I’m personally quite shy to really be physically sexy onscreen, accept maybe in Dard-e-Disco, which also was a tongue-in-cheek take off on item numbers,” he says and trails off... “I don’t know. Personally if I was to look at myself, I think I’m as sexy as a bubble gum wrapper, but then kehte hain na, Khuda meherban, toh gadha pehelwan,” he laughed.

But what does he have to say about women who drool over him? “Women of my age haven’t made any indecent proposals to me so far but if it happens, I will stammer and probably faint.”

Last week when Bipasha had won Asia’s sexiest woman’s title, BT had predicted that the coveted crown for the hottest Asian hunk would either go to Salman Khan or the six-pack Khan, Shah Rukh. And right we were.