Friday, November 23, 2007

Kate wants Mrs Doubtfire for kid

Kate Moss wants a Mrs Doubtfire-type nanny for her daughter. The supermodel employed Sadie Frost’s younger sister, Jade Davidson, to look after Lila Grace, her daughter with publisher Jefferson Hack, but is reportedly looking for a stricter childminder when Davidson leaves in January. A source close to the model said, “Kate wants someone who will look after Lila solidly for the next few years. We all joked about her looking for a Mrs Doubtfire type, but she said that’s exactly what she is looking for.” In Mrs Doubtfire, Robin Williams plays a father estranged from his children who dresses as an old woman to become their nanny. Lila’s most recent nanny quit after allegedly complaining about Kate’s hard-partying lifestyle.

Meanwhile, the 33-year-old model was unveiled as the new face of Donna Karan’s spring-summer 2008 collection yesterday. Karan said, “She’s wild, sexy and somebody who has the energy to hang out in the streets and to dance. She is a woman, who would have lived in that rawness, but with a polish at the same time. The clothes don’t wear her, she wears the clothes