Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Namitha's glamour hits small screen

In Tamil cinema it has become a common habit for heroines to hit the small screen once their chances become dry in big screen. Devayani, Meena, Radhika, Sripriya, - the heroines who are busy in Tele Serials - the list is endless. A movie just takes to or three months while serials are eternal, which provides these actresses with continuous work and a steady income. Devayani has been earning sumptuous money and fame of her “Kolangal” Tele Serial which is No.1 in viewers rating among all Tele Serials. Namitha who is the buxom babe of the tamil film industry, has entered the small screen and has impressed all Tamil families. Kalaingar TV which was started to counter sun tv has managed to do a very good job of copying all the shows of sun tv, which itself plagiarized concepts from vijay tv. The Choreographers Kala, Brindha and Cine actress Simran were main juries for this reality show. After a couple of episodes of Simran was chucked and for the last few episodes of Manada Myilada, Namitha has been the special jury along with Kala and Brindha sisters. Namitha's entry into the show has increased the shows viewers rating drastically. Namitha is having a nice time in the show, jabbering whatever that she knows in tamil and has been entertaining us with her glamour.