Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Sony Ericsson Unveils PlayNow Arena

Sony Ericsson just announced the new PlayNow arena, the latest evolution of PlayNow, highlighting a new direction which is able to provide a really unique multimedia experience for users, both on mobile phones and via PCs.

PlayNow was introduced by Sony Ericsson in February 2004, being the easiest way to pre-listen and then buy polyphonic ringtones directly on your mobile device. Gaining more and more success among mobile users, the service is currently available worldwide, in 32 countries, reaching more than 200 million annual downloads. Since its launching, the service's scope has expanded to showcase Sony Ericsson's handsets feature to include MP3 ringtones (mastertones), full music tracks, games, wallpapers and themes.

The future generation of PlayNow will enable users to access a wider than ever range of content. To help consumers find relevant content, Sony Ericsson combines unique applications such as TrackID with the power of the PlayNow catalogue, building an arena where anyone can experience a wealth of fresh content in various ways. TrackID, which will be integrated into the PlayNow content catalogue, already attracts a huge number of customers from all over the globe, currently having more than 125,000 hits per day on a wide range of Sony Ericsson phones.

Users will be able to move from the TrackID to the PlayNow arena with a single click - an immediate way to first hear a song (on the radio or in a coffee shop, for example) and then get it on your mobile. The future PlayNow arena will feature TrackID Charts that allows you to see what songs other users are searching, both worldwide and locally.

The PlayNow arena will be an environment open for everyone, offering a generous catalogue of free content in addition to commercial content. It will be accessible from mobile phones or PCs allowing over-the-air downloads to phones or side-loading from PCs to handsets. The PlayNow catalogue that currently exists will be enriched with a wide range of content: millions of songs, thousands of mastertones, hundreds of games, wallpapers and themes.