Monday, September 3, 2007

Rihanna Is a Lot Smarter Than She Looks - Apparently

Just have a look at beautiful Rihanna on the cover of Peach magazine– and say no more. This girl seems to move on through the music world with ease and grace and common sense – and I'm sure everyone agrees she would definitely make for a nice model if her time wasn't taken up by singing, looking totally hot and making silly blunders about Britain not being part of Europe.

But who cares about that? Right. Most of us simply want her to keep singing and keep taking as many of those clothes off. Or something along those lines. But we haven't spent too much time asking ourselves what more there is to her other than singing and looking pretty - and by the looks of her latest interview, there's quite a big part of Rihanna about which we don't have a clue.

Like for example the fact that her relationship with her father is a very strained one. We have to remember here that on previous interviews she has touched upon the fact that her father was a drug addict. He has eventually beaten his addiction, but his love for cocaine and the arguments that shook her family as she was growing up left her struggling to trust the people around her.

"I am actually embarrassed by that" Rihanna says when asked about her relationship with her father. "I don’t like speaking about it because I am not proud of it. But it is something that helped make me who I am today. Now people know that I am not perfect and that I had real conflicts. My dad is not pleased, because he is embarrassed. We still have not sat and had a conversation about it".

Also, when it comes to speaking about her past image Rihanna admits that she had to lead a constant struggle against her initial marketing team, which she eventually fired. "I felt like my girlie image was boring and contrived and generic. I was so restricted. I could not wear red lipstick. If I did I would get cursed out by my marketing person. I did a big performance on an awards show and I won some awards and [was happy] , but as soon as I got off the plane, I got the nastiest email from her about [my looks]. I then realized she was not treating me like a human being so I cut her off". Good for you, girl – although that does require some serious guts.

But now she has Ne-Yo, Jay-Z, Justin Timberlake and Timbaland on her team, writing her songs and giving her good advice. Like she has stated on other occasions, Rihanna is well aware that she is a role model for many people out there. "I'm very aware of the impact I have on people's lives", she insists, "so I only wanna make positive ones. Why not help? Be that example they can follow".

And having seen what drugs can do to a family, she won't be doing a Britney on us. "I can't understand how people let it get that far, and in control of them. To me, you have to have control". Better hope she means that – because we sure want to see her around for a very long time from now on.