Thursday, September 6, 2007

my first poem

The Dreams which You have To Desire
Are all those for which I aspire
The Pettels of the Rose
Just tell me You are the house of love
A Love which Undying Defines me
It completes me It Reminds me
It makes me realise what I am
Its a feeling I have never felt
And It Makes my heart melt
The Way in which You smile
You are the one who will walk a mile
With me together We will Conquer!
For Us Awaits a Journey to be Started
A Journey Which Will Define the Ethics
Ethics of Pure Love Carved in Ivory
Which Even the Gods Will crave for!
For You are............. The one whome I love
And whome this heart feels as One
You are the one who makes me leap into the sky
in hopes to fly Even I fail I do Leap Its because of you
Because you are the dream A Dream Unconquered
You are immortal Not a Human being Your soul is
A Beauty in itself Its Not Mixed with Lust,Hatred Pride
its Blended in Gold And Heavenly Jewels!
They Find themselves Honoured to be crafted on thy crown
For thee are Life In a human form!
A Miracle Waiting to be unleashed A Miracle which may sense
as a Normal Thing for the outside world but for this Cold Hearted
Human Being You are God, You are Life
For thee is whome I live for For whome I will die
For thee is whome I would Love all my life!


s.H.a.S.h.I said...

doesnt sound much like a poem.. but really nice write up,,, keep blogging...

ruud van tarun said...

hmmm.. You can write poems eh. Naan nambala. he he.. anyway. good work

teddygal said...

yaare nenachu ippadi laam??? ;) hehe!!