Friday, September 7, 2007

My wierd dream last nite

Alot of my dreams are very vague and most of the time meaningless, about quotidian things that have no real importance. This time, it was different, and some things stayed with me, and felt like it carried some weight, and very symbolic in nature. Personally i have no clue what i saw and what it means, and i cant share more than i tell you now.

In this dream it seemed clearer than normal, i walked out of my living room into my back yard and was scanning the nightsky, like i usually do when it's late. When i looked toward the left side... I saw three crescent moons in a triangular formation in the air, accompanied by a large black planet (No idea what it was) to the right of these moons. I soon called in my father who was in the dream, and was just as amazed as i was. As this (totally) black planet got closer and closer, it had multiple outside layers/glow around it in a strange gray/silver color. We panicked, and in the last seconds, this glow expanded to engulf the entire night sky. No second later i was hit by a strong pulse, almost like being hit by a strong burst of air, in any case, it vibrated.

Then it was over. When i woke up, i was reminded of several things that might have a relation to this dream, UFO's, Niburu, and a black hole. I have absolutely no confirmation of what time or what day it was in the dream, so maybe it was just as random as any other dream. That i dont know, just thought i would give you a heads-up, because the entire thing felt very strange to me.