Thursday, October 4, 2007

Farewell to Poker

Most students go to college for learning, but we THE UNTITLED go to college to play one of the most entertaining card games - POKER. We came to know about this enthralling game through the movie casino royal. There wasn’t much that we could make out from the movie about the game, which instilled lot of curiosity within us, and it all started in mani’s farm house where we learnt to play this game. Wow what a game!! was my first reaction when I understood it. I was able to grasp the thick and thins of the game, as well as master a few tricks which were outside the game’s rule books, immediately. Since then there hasn’t been a single day when I haven’t played poker. Poker started flowing in my blood along with oxygen. My tactful play and perinial patience to wait for luck to find me rather than i going on a hunt for it , have always paid off and i can proudly say that I ve never walked out of a poker table without profit. After all the success that I ve had with this game I ve now decided to call it off from poker. This decision has not been forced on me nor am I relinquishing it for my girlfriend . This is a decision which I ve taken after lot of deliberation and in the interest of those who play with me.


Now that I am finished with POKER I am going continue my association with cards through BRIDGE. I ll still render my expert guidance to all those amateur players in the circuit.

In my next post I ll be talking abt the playing styles of my friends. So keep reading…………....................