Thursday, October 11, 2007

Calorie Counter

I have a lot of stout, big bellied friends, fasting for weeks, trying to reduce their weight in order to attract the attention of girls. Their efforts have always ended in vain. I found a really useful website for people like them who always look scrupulously into the calorie content of their diet and are on a mission to burn down those extra fat in their body. Calorie counter has a lot of features and benifits and it is damn easy to use. It will guide you in choosing the right food that will suit your body by providing you with the nutritional contents in various viands. Once you register yourself with the website you can create your exclusive diet profile. You can maintain your own food diary , calculate the amount of calories you are going to gain through your diet, thus enabling you to have a check on your diet and plan your exercise accordingly. Calorie counter works with a variety of diets and is very flexible. Start planning your diet and fitness regimes using calorie counter . And the most amazing thing is that it is absolutely free.


Jaz said...

I read this post and I happen to be one of those who needs this badly!! LOL!

And, just as an aside, your request to be on my blogroll is done! Off The Cuff now has your link there. Would love it if you reciprocate. Thanks!!