Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Nouveau Riche

The Nouveau Riche is just a saying that in French means the New Rich. Nouveau Riche has meaning means “new money”, refer to people who acquired wealth within his or her generation. So you can be a Nouveau riche if you work hard enough and that is the main purpose of people in this generation to stand on their own feet proudly and make every cent by himself or herself.And it refers to people that worked hard enough to get rich in his generation, not like an inheritance or something because that could have been passed down to you by your parents, grand parents, great grand parents, and etcetera.

There is a great article in the CNN Website that tells you about the Nouveau Riche magazine that tells you about some of the investment opportunities one can take in order to be successful in life and along with the risk they have to take. It also includes how much you can expect to invest so if it is out of your reach, stay away because you do not want to pay the consequences later on, trust me, many people have been hurt by that.